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What is the value of Profiles and personas?

They describe the Design strategy with who is doing what and where


What is a persona?

A concrete characterization of a single market segment.

It is a "fictitious" person that represents the information from user profiles.


What are the types of Profiles?

1. User profile - user demographics, skills and knowledge
2. Task profile - what users do
3. Environmental profile - where users perform tasks


What are the basic paraments for User profile?

1. Language
2. General education
3. Domain expertise
4. General Computer experience
5. Age/gender
6. Expectations


What is Task Prioritization?

Mapping the frequency of the task vs. the importance of the task.


What are the basic parameters of Environmental profiles?

1. Location (Indoor/outdoor)
2. Geography
3. Workspace
4. Lighting
5. Sound
6. Device
7. Software