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AIA B101 Initial Information

Project objective
Site information
Owner’s program
Physical, legal, financial, time parameters
Key personnel

It is noted that this information may change


AIA B101 Article 2

Architect’s Responsibilities

Standard of care
Insurance requirements


AIA B101 Article 3

Basic Services

Coordinate with owner’s consultants
Prepare a schedule of architectural services for approval including expected dates for start of construction and substantial completion- time limits can’t be exceeded by owner without reasonable cause
Administer the project
Prepare and keep project schedule
Consider alternatives
Present and submit documentation to owner
Evaluate budget and cost of work (preliminary estimate- only contractor can guarantee prices)
Design services
Construction procurement services
Contract administration services


Architect construction procurement services

Assist owner in obtaining bids or negotiated proposals
Assist in awarding contract and preparing contracts
Produce bidding documents, hold bid meetings


Architect contract administration services

Site visits
Keep owner informed of progress and defects
Not responsible for exhaustive or continuous inspections
Not responsible for means of construction, building techniques or safety precautions


AIA B101 Owner Responsibilities

Provide architect with info about program, schedule and budget
Furnish land surveys
Geotechnical services
Tests, inspections and reports required by law
All legal, insurance and accounting services needed for the project


Architect responsibilities re budget

Architect shall without additional compensation modify documents as necessary to comply with budget


Instruments of service

Drawings specifications and documents owned and authored by architect and architects consultants


Waiver of consequential damage

Limits claims to damages resulting from a breach of the agreement


Hazardous materials

Architect and architects consultants have no responsibility for discovery, handling, removing hazardous materials or exposure of persons to them


Third party claims

Privity- nothing in contract gives rights to sue or enforce to anyone other than those who are parties to the contract


Waiver of rights

Same as waiver of subrogation

Owner and architect can’t sue each other for damages covered by insurance and insurance companies can’t sue parties in the project to recover paid insurance loss


Right to photograph

Architect has right to photograph the project unless owner has notified architect it is confidential- otherwise owner must give reasonable access for photography



Either party can terminate with 7 days notice if other party substantially fails to meet agreement
Owner may terminate for convenience with 7 days written notice


Cost of work

Cost of labor and materials plus allowance for overhead and profit

Does not include professional fees, land costs, financing costs or other that are responsibility of owner


Additional services that can be added to agreement

Site eval and planning
Value analysis with owner consultant
Historic preservation
Security planning
CA when a different architect is designer
Facility support
Regional planning
LEED certification
Interior design
FFE design


Add services not in agreement

architect should not begin without authorization:

Making changes to initial information from owner
Making changes to project
Fulfilling owner request for extensive sustainable alternatives or certification
Making changes required due to changes in law or code
Preparing digital data for transmission to owner consultants and contractors
Design or documentation for alternate bid or proposal requests
Architect should not begin with it authorization:
Preparing for and attending public meetings/hearings
Preparing for and attending dispute resolution unless architect is a party
Evaluating bidders
Providing consultation about replacement of work due to fire or other cause during construction
Assisting initial decision maker unless it is the architect
Any service necessary due to owner failure to make timely decision or other failure by owner or owner consultant


Add services to avoid delay in construction

architect should begin and notify owner promptly:

Reviewing submittal out of sequence
Responding to RFIs that aren’t compliant with spec or could be answered with available info
Preparing change orders that require evaluation of contractors proposals
Evaluating extensive numbers of claims
Evaluating substitutions
Providing construction services 60 or more days after expected date of substantial completion


Liquidated damages

Fees paid by contractor to owner for every day project is late- except due to uncontrollable circumstances


Definition of work

Contractor’s obligation to make improvements to the project


Definition of project

The work plus construction by other contractors


Instruments of service

Tangible and intangible creative work of the architect and architect’s consultants


AIA A201 contractor responsibilities

Warranty of materials and workmanship
Permits fees and taxes
Concealed or unknown conditions- must notify owner within 21 days
Providing construction schedule, keeping it up to date and confirming with it
Maintain record documents at job site
Delayed design


AIA A201 Architect responsibilities

Site visits
Rejecting work that doesn’t confirm with contract documents- however this doesn’t create a duty or responsibility
If something is wrong or architect observes a safety problem architect should notify both contractor and owner
Responsible for shop drawings and submittals conformance to cds but contractor responsible for accuracy completeness and coordination of work
Architect prepares change orders
Final decisions about aesthetic issues as long as they are consistent with CD intent


Change order

Written by architect signed by owner, contractor and architect
States extent of change and how it affects cost and schedule


Construction change directive

Agreement between owner and architect - does not require contractor agreement
Change order is issued after contractor provides info about changes in cost and schedule


Minor change in work

Ordered by architect alone where change is consistent with cds and doesn’t affect budget or schedule


Mechanics lien

Claim by one party against property of another for satisfaction of a debt


Surety bond

Also contract bond
Agreement among three parties - surety agrees to be responsible to obligée (owner) for default of principal (contractor)


Termination or suspension of project

Contractor may terminate if work has stopped for more than 30 days through no fault of contractor or contractor’s subcontractors for
Court order
Act of government
Architects failure to certify payment or give a reason for not doing so
Owners failure to pay
Owners failure to give evidence that financial arrangements have been made to fulfill obligations
Work has been delayed for 120 days over 365 day period

Owner may terminate for convenience


Consequential damages

Owner and contractor agree to waive

Rental expenses
Loss of use, income, profit
Loss of productivity

Expenses in running office
Loss of financing or business
Loss of profit other than profit from work