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Prosthodontics Definition

  • Dental Specialty
  • Includes:
    • diagnosis
    • treatment planning
    • rehabilitaiton and maintenance of oral fxn
    • comfrt
    • appearance
  • health of patients with conditions associated with:
    • missing or defective teeth
      • and/or maxillofacial tissues using biocamptable substitutes


Prosthodontics includes treatment of:

  • Dentate patients
  • Partially edentate patients
  • Edentate patients


Define: Fixed Prosthodontics

  • Branch of Prosthodontics
  • replacement and/or restoration of teeth by artifical substitues 
  • not readily removed


Technical term for Bridge

  • Fixed Dental Prosthesis (FDP)
  • Fixed Partial Denture (FPD)


Clinical Exam

  • General Exam:
    • Patients Gait and Weight
    • Vital Signs
  • Extraoral Exam
    • Special attention to facial asymmetry
      • small deviation from normal= serious underlyihng conditions
    • Palpate:
      • lymph nodes
      • TMJ
      • muscles of mastication
  • Intraoral Exam:
    • condition of soft tissues and support structures
  • Perio Exam
    • long term perio health is pre-requisate for successful fix prosth
    • existing perio disease must be corrected before any prosth tx
  • Radiographic Eam
    • New patients: Full PA series 
  • Occlusal Exam:
    • How the ptients occlusion differs from idela
    • how well the patient has adapted
    • Special Attentino to:
      • initial contact
      • tooth alignment
      • eccentric occlusal contacts
      • jaw movements


Mounted Diagnostic Casts

  • Essential in treatment planning
  • Mounted on semi-adjustable articulator
  • Allows:
    • exam of static and dynamic relations of the teeth without interference 
    • analzye occlusal plane and occlusion
    • Practice tooth preparations and diagnostic wax procedures for better eval
  • Facebow record
    • to mount the maxillary cast
  • CR or MI interocclusal record
    • to mount the mandibular cast
  • Protrusive record
    • to set the condylar element 
    • to reproduce the patients movement accurately



Treatment planning

  • Special attention to how chief complaint can be resolved
  • restore patients dentition to good health, optimal funciton, optimal appearance
  • Plan presented in writing
  • some of the plan may change 
  • Properly sequenced as part of an ongoing program of comprehensive dental care


Treatment planning: Patient must be informed about:

  • current conditions and problems
  • extent of dental treatment 
  • Tiem and cost of treatment
  • Level of home care and professional f/u for success