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What is a Syme's disarticulation?

ankle disarticulation
- heel pad preserved and attached to end of tibia for WB


Can you weight bear through disarticulations?



T/F: Selective loading is made in a prosthetic socket through build ups on tendon-bearing areas.

- relief for bony prominences, nerves, tendons


What is the terminal device in a lower-extremity prosthetic?

the foot (terminal end that interacts with environment)


What motions does a SACH foot limit?

limits sagittal plane motion, specifically PF
- allows small ML motion, transverse motion


For a similar foot to the SACH foot but for a more active individual, what would you prescribe?

a SAFE foot: solid ankle flexible endoskeleton
- allows more nonsagittal plan motions


What motions does a single-axis foot allow?

sagittal plane motion, with stops


Where are sensitive pressure areas of a transtibial amputee?

anterior tibial crest
anterior tibia
fibular head and neck
fibular nerve


What are areas that can tolerate pressure in a trans-tibal amputee?

patellar tendon
medial tibial plateau
tibial/fibular shafts


Which type of friction would an older adult who is mostly sedentary need for their knee prosthetic?

constant friction
(vs variable friction, used for varying speeds for more active individuals)


If the knee center is set too far forward from the TKA line, what will happen at the knee?

knee will be unstable and buckle


What does a friction brake in the knee do?

increases friction at midstance to prevent knee flexion, but allows smooth knee motions through rest of gait cycle


What is an extension aid in a prosthetic limb?

external elastic strap or internal coiled sprong that assists with TKE during late swing


Where is pressure directed in an above-knee prosthetic?

ischial tuberosity
lateral sides of residual limb
distal end (can be sensitive though)


Why would a patient demonstrate bending towards the prosthetic side during gait?

- shorter prosthetic limb
- hip pain
- weak abductors
- low lateral wall, high medial wall


T/F: A long prosthesis may result in an abducted stance.



T/F: A socket being too big might cause a patient to vault on the other side to bring the prosthetic limb forward.

false: socket to small can cause vaulting, not too big


What might cause excessive lumbar lordosis during stance with a prosthetic?

- painful ischial WB
- hip flexion contracture
- weak hip extensors or abs
- insufficient support from anterior or posterior walls
- inadequate socket flexion


Why might the knee lock into TKE during terminal swing with a prosthetic?

- pt fearful so excessively hip flexes limb
- insufficient knee friction
- too much tension in knee extension aid


Why might there be a heel whip with a prosthetic limb during swing?

excessive rotation in prosthetic
knee bolt rotated
foot malaligned


T/F: A patient who favors the sound limb and limits weight bearing time on the prosthetic limb with demonstrate decreased step length on the prosthetic side.

False, shorter step length on sound side since they won't stay long on the prosthetic limb in stance


With a medial thrust in midstance for a TTA, what could potentially be wrong with the prosthesis?

laterally placed foot


T/F: A socket being set too far backward can cause premature knee flexion in stance.

false, socket too far forward = premature knee flexion


T/F: If the socket for a TTA is aligned to far backward or tilted posteriorly, this can result in inadequate knee flexion.



A patient reports that they feel like they're walking uphill with their prosthetic limb. What could be happening?

socket set too far back/lacks sufficient flexion
DF bumper is too stiff causing excess PF
prosthetic foot keel too long


An unstable knee unit will result in what gait deviation?

forward flexion during stance


Inadequate socket flexion will result in what gait deviation?

excessive lordosis during stance


What prosthetic causes can result in a circumducted gait?

long prosthesis
locked knee unit
loose knee friction
inadequate socket suspension
small/loose socket
PF'ed foot


With a plantar flexion bumper being too soft, what gait deviation can occur?

foot slap
- can also occur if heel cushion is too soft`


What could cause a lateral thrust in mid stance from a prosthetic?

foot inset too medially


What can cause premature knee flexion in late stance?

DF bumper too soft
socket set too far forward/excessively flexed
prosthetic foot keel too short
KF contracture


Painful ischial weightbearing in a TFA prosthetic can result in what deviation?

excessive lordosis