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Aristotelian ideas used by aquinas

Version of nature and reality
Causes is better foundation for own faith
Contain supreme good in reality on earth
5 ways/4 causes


How did aquinas try to prove existence of God

Eschatology- saved by Christ, Aristotle doesn't fit into this as he thinks once dead so is soul
Cosmological argument
Unmoved mover-can't prove it but closest proximation of god



Premises will always support conclusion but don't logically prove it



Comparison between 2 things for the purpose of clarification


Teleological argument

P1) order, regularity, purpose and beauty
P2) look at object, may infer it was designed
P3)world is object containing properties of p1
P4) world designed, designer called god


Proto design

Idea together but not formally put into philosophical argument


Aquinas fifth way

P1) see things which lack intelligence
P2)act for an end, acting always in same way to obtain best result
P3)designed, do they achieve their end
P4)whatever lacks intelligence can't move towards end unless directed by someone intelligent
P5) their end , God


Archer and arrow

Arrow no intelligence, needs someone behind it in order to hit target
World needs god


William paley

English philosopher
Opposed to Slave trade
Natural theology



Study of god


Natural theology - William paley

Process of deriving knowledge of God from the use of natural human reason.
Nah appeal to general advice the world and our understanding in theology in NT


Revealed theology

Process of deriving knowledge of God from contact with god himself.


Design argument - Hume

Argument by analogy
Purpose put their by intelligent creator
Watch design


Design Qua purpose

Argument claiming that everything is designed to fulfil some function of purpose

Something causes something to have a purpose


Design Qua regularity

Arguments claiming that regularity and order can be observed in the physical world

Features of regularity and order must be caused by something

Plato argued from this making ref to solar system


Aesthetic argument

Ability to appreciate beauty of surroundings not result of natural selection


David Hume criticism of teleological argument

Accept premises don't have to accept conclusion
Analogies aren't useful- watch and eye aren't as close as thought to be
False analogy


Science criticism of teleological argument

Bug bang
Natural selection
Evolution offers adequate evidence


Js mill criticism of teleological argument

Evil and suffering


Anthropic principle

Claims that universe have been destined for ultimate purpose of producing intelligent life


Anthropic principle tennant

Argued it was possible to imagine chaotic universe with no rules or laws
Universe isn't chaotic
Evidence suggests that universe is result of careful design, follow evolutionary process creating environment in which intelligent life could exist


Aesthetic argument

Argument for the existence of a realm of immaterial ideas or most commonly existence of God
Appreciation of beauty , not necessary for survival so not result of natural selection


Argument from probability

Put forward version of design argument based on probability
Observed that the order in the universe and the way it provides conditions necessary for life and concludes that an intelligent designer is the best explanation that we have


Swinburne argument key points

*All bodies in universe conform to same laws
*Provided conduction necessary for human life to develop
*Providential world, humans can contribute to its development and maintenance within limitations of natural laws
*World not chaotic meaning it was designed
Intelligent designed universe can't be proved
*Natural laws designed that that they happen by chance
*God is simplest explanation for the design


Richard Dawkins criticism of natural design

Laryngeal nerve in giraffe shows it wasn't designed otherwise designed would've corrected mistakes


Hume questions to God

All powerful? Why volcanoes
All loving? Why innocent suffering
All knowing? Why is there flaws in the design

Theists say that god gave human free will and evil is a result of wrong choices


Big Bang

Explosion 14.7 billion years ago
Chance, no cause
Life came about by chance


Charles Darwin

Life began with simple single cells creatures
By chance they mutated and developed into more complex life forms
Species developed
Those survived, pass genes on