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What is bullying?


Bullying is when someone frightens/threatens to hurt another person, especially someone smaller/weaker than them.


List 8 reasons that people become bullies.

  1. They have family problems
  2. They have been bullied themselves
  3. They have no friends and feel lonely
  4. They feel bad about themselves
  5. They feel unimportant and insecure, so bullying gives them power
  6. They want to look ‘big’ in front of others.
  7. They want to get their own way
  8. They feel threatened by people who are different in some way.

List 10 ways to get out of the bullying habit.

  1. Learn how to control anger and aggression.
  2. Do some exercise to let off steam.
  3. Set yourself goals like ‘I won’t be mean to Zainab today’.
  4. If you have a friend you can trust, ask them to help you by stopping you if they see you start to bully someone.
  5. Ask a adult such as a teacher or a school/church counsellor to help you.
  6. Apologise to people you have bullied.
  7. Try to be nice to people you have bullied in the past.
  8. Meet new people who don’t know that you have been a bully.
  9. Take up a sport like judo/karate to help you control your anger and aggression.
  10. Focus on the things you are good at and try to develop your talents and skills.