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Define: Illusions

Illusions are misperceptions of real external stimuli


Define: Hallucinations

Hallucinations are perceptions occurring in the absence of an external physical stimulus (modalities include auditory, visual, olfactory, gustatory, tactile, somatic)


What type of hallucination is:
a) Hypnopompic
b) Hypnogognic

a) Hypnopompic: normal hallucination that occurs during waking up
b) Hypnogognic: normal hallucination as falling to sleep


Define: Reflex Hallucination

Type of hallucination in which a stimulus in one sensory field produces hallucination in another


Define: Extracampine Hallucination

Type of hallucination in which the patient has hallucinations that are outside the limits of the sensory field, e.g. 'seeing' somebody standing behind you is a visual extracampine hallucination experience


Hearing voices e.g. "YOU are going to die" etc, is what type of auditory hallucination?

2nd Person


Hearing voices e.g. running commentary, is what type of auditory hallucination?

3rd Person


Define: Pseudo-hallucination

OUTDATED TERM. A perceptual experience which differs from a hallucination in that it appears to arise in the subjective inner space of the mind, not through one of the external sensory organs (an 'inner mind' or 'inner ear' often described by patient)


Define: Over-valued Idea

A false or exaggerated belief sustained beyond logic or reason but with less rigidity than a delusion, often being less patently unbelievable (e.g. I'm the best employee ever)


Define: Delusion

A false, unshakeable idea or belief which is out of keeping with the patient's educational, cultural and social background. It is held with extraordinary conviction and subjective certainty. It is a phenomenon that is outside normal experience.


Delusions: What is a persecutory delusion?

Outside agency to cause harm