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Psychodynamic Assumption 1

Influence of Childhood experiences

- Childhood ego isn’t developed enough to deal with trauma.

- This leads to repressed trauma and repression.

- Anger can be expressed inward towards ones self



Oral - 0-2 - Mouth - Feeding - Smoking

Anal - 2-3 - Anus - Toilet Training - Orderliness

Phallic - 3-7 Genitals - Oedipus and Electra - Sexual Dysfunction

Latency - 7-11 - None - Social Skills - None

Genitals - 11+ - Genitals - Sexual Maturity - Mental Health


The unconscious mind

Conscious mind - Logical
Unconscious - Illogical and pleasure seeking. Can’t be accessed and is expressed through dreams.



Manifest and Latent Content

Manifest Content - What the dreamer remembers.

Latent Content - Underlying wish

Purpose of a dream is to express the underlying wish in a non threatening form and allow us to continue sleeping


Further meanings of Displacement, Condensation and Universal symbols also Secondary Elaboration.

D - When the person or object the dream is actually about is transformed into something else.

SE - When the mind strings together several wish fulfilling images in dreams.

Universal Symbols - Symbols relevant in all dreams with a universal latent content explanation.


Strengths (PET)

- PET Scans support the idea of dreams affecting the brain

- PET Scans of people dreaming at night show active areas of the brain



- Lacks any ecological validity
Conducted experiments in a non natural environment with wires attached to the brain.


Ethics of dream analysis

- Power imbalance with patient therapist reliance. Could implant false memories for more money

- People need warning if a dream is particularly harming


Mother as the primary caregiver
4 Points

Feeding - Mother needs to be available 2 hours a day and forms an emotional bond through this.
Freud’s view on the importance - Oral stage is of great importance in the psychosexual development stages.
Dep Damage - Bowlby - prolonged separation leads to lasting emotional effects.
Mothers not fathers - Men aren’t psychologically equipped.


Mother doesn’t need to be the primary caregiver.

Feeding - Harlows Monkeys - Food doesn’t equal love.
Freud - Developed when women didn’t have rights he also acknowledged the role of the father.
Deprivation Damage - Father can also be “maternal”
Mothers not fathers - Men are capable of forming close attachments


Strengths First half


- Incorporates Nature and Nurture.
- Id is biological needs and the nurture are the stages.

Also Highlights childhood as key to development.


Further Strengths

- Psychoanalysis helps people overcome psychological problems.

- Freud was the first to note a connection between psychological and physical symptoms.


Weaknesses of the approach

- Cannot be proven wrong - You can’t test if Freud is right or wrong

This means it cannot be improved.

Determinist - Early experiences control your later behaviour.

Further unfalsifiable because of the fact that Freud states repression as a big part of the approach.