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The Maxillary artery terminates by splitting into what two arteries?

Sphenopalatine artery and Infraorbital artery


The arteries found in the Pterygopalatine fossa are from what major arterial branch from the External Carotid?

Maxillary Artery


What are the two branches of arteries off of the Infraorbital artery?

Middle Superior Alveolar and Anterior Superior Alveolar arteries


The middle superior alveolar and anterior superior alveolar branch off of the Infraorbital artery in what space?

Infraorbital Canal


What division of the Maxillary artery are the branches found in the Pterygopalatine Fossa?

3rd Division of Maxillary Artery


The Descending Palatine artery has two branches. What are they?

Lesser Palatine and Greater Palatine arteries


What space has branching of the Descending Palatine artery?

Palatine Canal is where the Lesser and Greater Palatine arteries branch off of the Descending Palatine artery


What is the name of the artery that runs posterior in the Pterygoid canal?

Artery of Pterygoid Canal


What are the four main branches of the third division of the Maxillary artery before the it terminates into the two end branches?

Posterior Superior Alveolar, Descending Palatine, Artery of Pterygoid canal and Pharyngeal artery


Pharyngeal artery exits what space as it branches?

It exits the Sphenopalatine Foramen (and it runs posteriorly to nasopharynx via pharygneal canal)


What are the 4 "Alveolar" arteries that supply blood to the teeth?

Posterior Superior Alveolar, Middle Superior Alveolar, Anterior Superior Alveolar and Inferior Alveolar arteries


What nerves innervate the Maxillary Sinus

Posterior, Middle and Anterior Superior Alveolar nerve


Name all branches directly off of V2 in Pterygopalatine Fossa (8)

Posterior Superior Alveolar nerve, Zygomatic nerve, Infraorbital nerve,
Greater Palatine nerve, Lesser Palatine nerve, Nasopalatine nerve, Posterior Lateral nasal nerve, PHaryngeal nerve


On its way to provide parasympathetic innervation to the palate from midline to canines, CN VII jumps onto what nerve of V2

Nasopalatine nerve


CN VII post para-sympathetic fibers jump onto what two nerves of V2 to provide innervation to the palate

Nasopalatine and Greater Palatine