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What is ARDS?

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

It is a form of pulmonary edema that is caused by fluid accumulation in the interstitial space within the lungs.

This is not Cardiogenic in nature, rather it is caused by some underlying condition which results in the increased fluid accumulating in the interstitial space.

Causes: Sepsis (Particularly Gram-Negative), Aspiration, Pneumonia or other Resp. Infections, Pulmonary Injury, Burns, Inhalation Injury, Oxygen Toxicity, Drugs such as Aspirin or Opiates, High Altitude, Hypothermia, Near-Drowning, Head Injury, Emboli from Blood Clot, Fat or Amniotic Fluid, Tumor destruction, Pancreatitis, Procedures such as Cardiopulmonary bypass or hemodialysis, Other insults such as hypoxia, hypotension, or cardiac arrest.