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Medical Terminology
Before birth,
Arterio angio
40  cards
Prep 1 Skills
How do you calculate map,
What is the minimum map required ...,
What are the sizes of king airway...
18  cards
Medic Meds
0  cards
EMT-B Meds
1  cards
A&P Chapter 27 Female Reproductive System
When does the human reproductive ...,
Describe the broad ligament,
Describe an ovary
20  cards
A&P Chapter 25 Nutrition
What are the two types of metabolism,
Describe catabolism,
Describe anabolism
38  cards
A&P Chapter 24 Digestive System
What are the functions of the dig...,
What are the two functional group...,
What enzyme is secreted by saliva...
48  cards
A&P Chapter 23 Renal System
What is the primary function of t...,
What is the secondary function of...,
What are the organs of the renal ...
45  cards
A&P Chapter 17 Endocrine System
Describe the endocrine system how...,
Explain how endocrine glands comm...,
What are the three major chemical...
55  cards
A&P Chapter 22 Respiratory System
What are the functions of the res...,
What are the organs of the respir...,
The trachea and lungs develop fro...
58  cards
A&P Chapter 21 Lymphatics and Immune
What are the lymphatic system fun...,
What are the two interrelated com...,
What are the major cells of the l...
46  cards
A&P Chapter 19 Heart
The only thing that moves blood is,
What are the two circuits of the ...,
Describe the heart
41  cards
A&P Chapter 20 Blood Vessels
What blood pressure do the blood ...,
What is the definition of an artery,
What is the definition of a vein
24  cards
A&P Chapter 18 Blood
What are the functions of the cir...,
How many formed elements in blood...,
What are the different types of l...
40  cards
A&P Chapter 16 Special Senses
What are the three layers of the eye,
Describe the fibrous layer of the...,
Describe the vascular layer of th...
67  cards
A&P Chapters 12, 13, 14 Nervous System
What are the two systems that all...,
What does the nervous system do,
What advantages does the nervous ...
99  cards
A&P Chapters 12, 13, 14 Nervous System; Signaling, ANS
What are ligand gated ion channels,
What are voltage gated ion channels,
What is electrophysiology
88  cards
A&P Nervous System Lab: Cranial Nerves
What is the pneumonic for the cra...,
What is the name cranial foramen ...,
What is the name cranial foramen ...
13  cards
A&P Chapter 7 Skeletal System
What are the treatments for osteo...,
What are other bone disorders,
Describe rickets
80  cards
A&P Chapter 7 Skeletal System: Bone Formation, Repair and Osteoporosis
What is osseous tissue,
What is bone as an organ,
What are the functions of the ske...
104  cards
A&P Muscular System Lab
What are the muscle of facial exp...,
What are the muscle of mastication,
What are the muscle of the antero...
27  cards
A&P Chapters 10-11 Muscular System
What are the functions of muscles,
What do sphincter muscles do,
Muscle are _______ with all the p...
119  cards
A&P Chapter 11 Muscle Physiology
What does the length tension rela...,
Length and tension affect what,
What is optimal resting length wh...
85  cards
A&P Chapters 5-6 Glands, Membranes & The Integumentary System
What are glands,
What are the two categories of gl...,
What do endocrine glands do
98  cards
A&P Chapter 5 Histology & Tissues
What is histology,
What are the four primary tissue ...,
Tissues are
84  cards
A&P Chapters 3-4 Cellular Form/Function, Genetics
Describe the 5 components of mode...,
What is the common size of a cell...,
What are the 3 components that 99...
97  cards
A&P Chapters 1-4 Themes of A&P, Chemistry of Life
Describe anatomy what is it how d...,
Describe physiology what is it ho...,
Describe methods of studying anatomy
77  cards
Pharmacology Drugs
Morphine duramorph,
Hydromorphone dilaudid,
37  cards
Cardiac Arrhythmias
Sinus bradycardia give descriptio...,
Sinus tachycardia give descriptio...,
Sinus arrhythmia give description...
43  cards
Arterial Blood Gases
Ph 72 pco2 82 hco3 23,
Ph 723 pco2 26 hco3 9,
Ph 759 pco2 23 hco3 23
34  cards
What is the definition of a drug,
What is the definition of a medic...,
What is pharmacology
124  cards
Paramedic Drugs
33  cards
Lemons stands for what,
What does soappp stand for what i...,
What is the proper position for i...
48  cards
Describe the cardiac cycle,
What is the ejection fraction,
What is stroke volume
26  cards
What is ards
1  cards

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