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Recall the first stanza:

(I can feel the tug)

I can feel the tug
of the halter at the nape
of her neck, the wind
on her naked front.


Recall the second stanza:

(It blows her nipples)

It blows her nipples
to amber beads,
it shakes the frail rigging
of her ribs.


Recall the third stanza:

(I can see her drowned)

I can see her drowned
body in the bog,
the weighing stone,
the floating rods and boughs.


Recall the fourth stanza:

(Under which at first)

Under which at first
she was a barked sapling
that is dug up
oak-bone, brain-firkin:


Recall the fifth stanza:

(her shaved head)

her shaved head
like a stubble of black corn,
her blindfold a soiled bandage,
her noose a ring


Recall the sixth stanza:

(to store)

to store
the memories of love.
Little adulteress,
before they punished you


Recall the seventh stanza:

(you were flaxen-haired)

you were flaxen-haired,
undernourished, and your
tar-black face was beautiful.
My poor scapegoat,


Recall the eighth stanza:

(I almost love you)

I almost love you
but would have cast, I know,
the stones of silence.
I am the artful voyeuur


Recall the ninth stanza:

(of your brain’s exposed)

of your brain’s exposed
and darkened combs,
your muscles’ webbing
and all your numbered bones:


Recall the tenth stanza:

(I who have stood dumb)

I who have stood dumb
when your betraying sisters,
cauled in tar,
wept by the railings,


Recall the eleventh stanza:

(who would connive)

who would connive
in civilized outrage
yet understand the exact
and tribal, intimate revenge