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How are sand dunes formed?

Sandune's are formed by the women usually along the beach or in a desert.

The wind blows the sand into an area behind an obstacle.

The dune grows and the grains of sand build up.


What kind of problems does wind erosion pose for people?

Wind erosion can make the soil less productive and people won't be able to grow food and plant.


What role do tree roots play in weathering and erosion in.

Tree roots help hold the soil in around the tree. They stop and slow down erosion.


What role does a river play in weathering, erosion, and deposition?

The moving water causes erosion.

The rocks that are weathered are deposited along the river.


What role does when break play in erosion?

When breaks or rows of trees and shrubs can reduce or slow down erosion.


What role do animals/plants play in weathering, erosion and deposition?

Plant and animals can whether the rocks by their movements.