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Child care worker sees five year old girl peeking under toilet stall at five year old boy. Which best explains the behavior?

A. Age appropriate curiosity about bodily functions and gender differences
B. She has a risk of sexual perversion
C. She's acting out due to premature exposure to sexual behavior
D. She's not successfully resolved the Electra complex

A. Age appropriate curiosity about bodily functions and gender differences

Rationale: Behavior is age appropriate for a child of five years No info in the stem to indicate other would be applicable in this situation.


In an interview, client exhibits depressed affect, confusion about what is wrong, ambivalence about requesting help. Which should be first?

A. Attempt to establish trust
B. Refer for medical evaluation
C. Obtain a social history
D. consult with supervisor

A. Attempt to establish trust

Rationale: Because client is unsure, A would be the most effective response. This must be done prior to obtaining social history or referring for medical exam. It is premature to consult with supervisor.


Which interviewing skill is used in social work to help client set treatment goals?

A. Containment
B. Focusing
C. Summarizing
D. Reassuring

B. Focusing

Rationale: This is a recall question. Focusing is helping the client define reason for seeking services and defining treatment goals.


A chronically mentally ill client appears at a homeless shelter. Client lives on the street and wants to return home. Maslow's hierarchy of needs would place this client at what level?

A. Self-esteem
B. Safety
C. Physiological
D. Belonging

B. Safety

Rationale: This item makes use of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The basic need for safety or shelter must be met before a person can meet higher level needs.


A father meets with an MSW to talk about problems he's having with teenage daughter. At different points in the meeting, MSW restates the issues in more concise and simplified terms. MSW is using which technique?

A. Reflecting
B. Feedback
C. Paraphrasing
D. Probing

C. Paraphrasing

Rationale: C expresses relevant points of what client has said and provides validation. Reflecting would involve stating what the client is feeling. Feedback is analysis of actions. Probing would involve further exploration of client's feeling, situation.


MSW becomes aware of elderly couple's inability to maintain themselves. They live in a rural area without any nearby family and are unwilling to consider alternative living arrangements. Which should MSW do first?

A. Try to persuade couple to go to nursing home
B. Discuss referral for supportive services
C. Inform family members of situation
D. Arrange for mental status exam

B. Discuss referral supportive services

Rationale: MSW will support self-determination by using least restrictive and controlling option first. C is a violation of confidentiality unless there is real endangerment.


Parent meets with MSW due to concerns with 6 year old child that's begun hitting other children, yelling at parent, breaking toys. During assessment, client indicates that child's other parent died two months earlier. Which action should MSW take first?

A. Provide parent with behavior management techniques
B. Refer child to community anger management group
C. Conduct thorough depression assessment with child
D. Normalize anger as a common part of the grieving process

D. Normalize anger as a common part of grieving process

Rationale: Young children often respond to loss with acting out. While other actions may be taken later, the first thing an MSW should do is reassure parent that it's normal in this circumstance


The adult children of a person recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease will MOST likely demonstrate which emotional reaction?

A. Immortality vs extinction
B. Isolation
C. Depression
D. Denial

D. Denial

Rationale: Individuals experience stages of grief in learning of expected loss of person that have known. Denial is common initial response. B and C may develop.


Client requests help from MSW to find safe/affordable housing. Client also housing location in certain area of town. How can MSW best provide assistance while respecting client's right to self-determination?

A. Work with client in formulation options that consider client's preferences and financial status
B. Refer the client to local housing authority for into about public housing
C. Contact several realty companies for into on apartments that meet client's budget
D. Inform client that MSW will develop a housing plan before next session

A. Work with client in formulation options that consider client's preferences and financial status

Rationale: A involves client in problem solving by allowing client to take the lead. In B, C, D, MSW chooses option she thinks is best for client


Renowned African American neurosurgeon Ben Carson grew up in one-parent home headed by illiterate and extremely poor mother. The conclude that Dr. Carson's achievements are more typical of middle and upper-class expectations suggests

A. Racial typecasting
B. Stereotypical thinking
C. Inter-generational mobility
D. Institutional racism

B. Stereotypical thinking

Rationale: B is correct because stereotypical thinking is based on over-generalization. Not racial typecasting because question asks about class, not race. Nothing to indicate C or D.


A single mother informs the MSW of her intention to relocate without notifying father of her children. Client is estranged from immediate family and having relationship problems with children's father. MSW's primary focus should be

A. Remind client contact with father is important to welfare of children
B. Inform client local child support services unit will be notified of her plans
C. Assist client in notifying father of intentions
D. Discuss the issues leading to her decision

D. Discuss the issues leading to her decision

Rationale: A is not empowering and does not give priority over client's wishes. Information is important, but not primary focus of interview. It's not necessary to inform child support services. C would not be appropriate until the client's reason is discussed.


The MOST effective way to safeguard against differences between experimental and control groups is to

A. Match subjects in different treatment conditions
B. Partial out differences using analysis of covariance
C. Randomly assign subjects to the treatment conditions
D. Subject the data to factor analysis

C. Randomly assign subjects to the treatment conditions

Rationale: C assures there's no bias in the group assignment of subjects and increases the chance of similarity of two groups


Five year old is having difficulty adjusting to kindergarten. Teach has tried to help child adjust but has had limited success. Teacher refers child to the school MSW. MSW should do first

A. Establish a behavior contract with the child
B. Observe the child in the classroom
C. Refer the child to outside counseling
D. Call the family for conference

B. Observe child in the classroom

Rationale: Before A, C, D, MSW must become directly familiar with the behavior and with teacher's efforts in classroom


An empathic response includes verbalizing the MSW's understanding and

A. Mirroring the client's feelings
B. Expressing MSW's similar feelings
C. Exploring the problem further
D. Universalizing the client's problem

A. Mirroring the client's feelings

Rationale: Empathic response communicates to client that MSW understands his/her emotions.


MSW works with large number of gay and lesbian clients and notices many of them have a common issue of low self-esteem stemming from perception that society labels them as "bad." How can MSW best address the situation?

A. Lobby for new laws to fight against homophobia
B. Educate community members on gay rights
C. Refer clients to gay/lesbian therapist
D. Offer a gay/lesbian support group

D. Offer a gay/lesbian support group

Rationale: Would create immediate impract to provide support. A, B work on a macro level, but benefits are very long-term. C would avoid MSW's responsibility and is inappropriate.


The type of hallucination MOST prevalent for individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia is

A. Auditory
B. Tactile
C. Visual
D. Olfactory

A. Auditory

Rationale: Auditory hallucinations are most common


In social work practice, color blindness means disregarding

A. Socioeconomic differences
B. Cultural commonalities
C. Individual personality characteristics
D. Racial and ethnic differences

D. Racial and ethnic differences

Rationale: D is only option that deals with color or racial differences


MSW assists clients during their pregnancies as a component of a maternal health program. MSW routinely provides assistance in accessing services. During session, client reports being diagnosed with preemclampsia and does not understand the diagnosis. What's best course of action?

A. Suggest that client speak with obstetrician or another professional who has expertise in this area
B. Provide answers to client's questions based on MSW's understanding of diagnosis
C. Explain to the client that MSW is not an expert on the medical impact of conditions related to pregnancy
D. Offer client brochures and articles detailing info related to health condition and its complications

A. Suggest client speak with obstetrician or another professional who has expertise in this area

Rationale: Even if MSW has knowledge in this area, client should be referred to professional who works directly with such issues.


MSW is sensing what the client is feeling and communicates understanding of the feelings back to client. MSW is using

A. Warmth
B. Empathy
C. Genuineness
D. Respect

B. Empathy

Rationale: A, C, D are not social work tools used to interact with clients


MSW meets with elderly client with increasing problems with memory. Which action would be MOST appropriate?

A. Assure client that memory loss is part of aging
B. Encourage client to obtain a medical evaluation
C. Refer client and family to Alzheimer's Association
D. Monitor client''s memory loss over a two-month period

B. Encourage client to obtain medical evaluation

Rationale: The role of MSW is to first make a referral to rule out medical causes. D is not appropriate


Primary focus of supervisory activity of social work students should be

A. Integrating theoretical knowledge with practice experience
B. Demonstrating the student understands professional ethics
C. Assuring students can use assessment tools
D. Helping student use reflection skills

A. Integrating theoretical knowledge with practice experience

Rationale: B, C, D can be part of social work student's training, but A is primary


In comparison with that of an adult, social history of a child most likely contains more extensive info on which category?

A. Identifying info on client
B. History of presenting the problem
C. Observations by a social worker
D. Developmental history of the client

D. Developmental history of the client

Rationale: D is correct because social history of a child is shorter and more recent and developmental history is more accessible


MSW is conducting an interview with client whose race differs from that of MSW. To develop rapport, MSW should first

A. Examine self attitudes and behaviors for possible biases
B. Acknowledge with the client any existing cultural differences
C. Appreciate human differences and experience
D. Seek consultation about client's racial groups

A. Examine self attitudes and behaviors for possible biases

Rationale: First step in becoming a culturally competent MSW is to honestly identify and assess any personal biases


60 year old man exhibits an intense interest in his heritage. What does this best represent?

A. Life reflection as part of aging process
B. Indication that he's experiencing identity issues
C. Symptoms of disengagement from larger society
D. Signs of unresolved grief from losses he's experienced

A. Life reflection as part of aging process

Rationale: A is correct because it represents typical part of older stage of life


Which statement represents effective, ethical case recording?

A. Client's neighborhood is labeled as a slum
B. Client's parents are called "Mom" and "Dad" in the record
C. Client is described as "a 25 year old male"
D. Client is represented as "a lazy 19 year old boy"

C. Client is described as "a 25 year old male"

Rationale: A and D use subjective judgement and not ethical. B isn't appropriate. C is objective, fact-based.


New law is passed that affects several agency clients. MSW wishes to explain the law's changes and potential impact on those affects. What's the most effect course of action?

A. Mail copy of the law to clients
B. Call clients to inform them of changes
C. Display list of changes in the client's waiting area
D. Discuss the changes in the law during next session

D. Discuss the changes in the law during next session

Rationale: D is best, allows client to ask questions as needed


Parents of a recently married daughter report they are uncertain about how to relate to the newlyweds. Which best describes the experience of the parents?

A. Generational conflict
B. Normal transition
C. Dysfunctional adaptation
D. Enmeshed relationship

B. Normal transition

Rationale: Initial anxiety surrounding role transition is normal behavior


67 year old client involved in a program designed to help participants upgrade their skills through on-the-job training. Client contacts MSW to report an inability to perform work because it's too difficult. He wants to be transferred to another job site but doesn't want to confront supervisor with concerns. What should MSW do first?

A. Discuss positive aspects of the jobs with client
B. Assist the client in developing the next steps
C. Approach client's supervisor on behalf of client
D. Review the job description with the client

B. Assist the client in developing the next steps

Rationale: Development can be empowering to client. A, D are in appropriate.


MSW provides case management services to a family recently evicted from their apartment. MSW gives the family a list of available temporary housing. This is an example of

A. Networking
B. Empowerment
C. Enabling
D. Feedback

B. Empowerment

Rationale: MSW is emporing client by providing them with info on resources


School MSW is interviewing 10 year old boy who's recently been placed in foster care due to mistreatment. His teachers describe an increase in aggressive and anxious behaviors. What's best explanation?

A. School phobia
B. Reaction formation
C. Traumatic stress
D. Learning disabilities

C. Traumatic stress

It's not unusual for a child who's experienced a series of traumatic events to react with anxiety and agression