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Tell me about yourself

Just to reiterate, I’m Emily Foster and I’m from Portland, OR
As you can see from my resume, I graduated from GFU with a B.S. in chemistry.
I chose to pursue a chemistry degree because I enjoy seeing how things work at a molecular level. It is my desire to find a job, such as a lab technician, that I am able to continue to use the chemistry skills and knowledge that I learned in college.



- (Quick) Learner: desire to learn and want to continuously improve

- Responsibility: ownership of what I say and do. Committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty

- Discipline: enjoy routine and structure. Created order

- Achiever: great deal of stamina and work hard. Take great satisfaction from being busy and productive

- Effective communicator: always make sure I know what is going on

- Detail-Oriented/ thorough

- Work individually and as a team






Tell me about a failure

I prepared all the needed equipment and solutions for the biochemistry laboratory at George Fox University. One time when I was aliquoting (or separating the larger solution into smaller portions) for the students to use, I accidently set the micropipettor to the wrong volume and that resulted in the students not have enough solution for them to complete their experiments.
It was my responsibility to prepare the solutions correctly for the students to use for their experiments. So I had to tell the students that it was my fault that I did not prepare the solutions correctly. As a result, I had to go back into the stockroom and make some more solution for the students to finish their experiments with. Unfortunately, I had to take their laboratory time to make more solution, but thankfully all the students were understanding, and we were able to get their experiments done on time.


Tell me about your greatest career accomplishment

During my internship at the Oregon State Police Forensic laboratory, I was hired to help work on a project for the laboratory director. This project entailed reading through old case files, looking for certain details and documenting what I found. From the time I began working on the project to the time the project was completed, I had been working on the project about 7 months and had read through about 1000 cases.

I consider this my greatest career accomplishment because this was my first real assignment outside of the school environment that could make a real world impact. And it also reassured me of the career path I would like to pursue in the future.


Tell me about a time from your past that describes when you took initiative

- Chemistry Senior project
- Ahead of everyone in my class
- First
- Acknowledged by professor

- LACI project


What does integrity mean to you?

- Honest
- Truthful
- Doing what is right
- Following the rules
- Clarification


Why do you want to work for Exova?

- Has a chemistry department
- Interested in continuing to pursue jobs that align with chemistry degree
- From chemistry classes, continue to learn


Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone difficult

A couple summers ago, I conducted research with one of the chemistry professor’s at George Fox University. She was originally from China, so it was hard to understand her sometimes or figure out what she wanted done.
For example,
As the research went on, I was able to get to know her better and learn her learning style


Why are you the best candidate for this job?

- Exova’s values are Innovation, Teamwork, Performance, Integrity
- I believe that I am able to help achieve these values by working with a team to get the job done. I have disciplined work ethic to get the job done on time and efficiently. I work with integrity: ask questions, help others, clarification, honesty


Describe a time when you had to step up and lead an important project

LACI project