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6 features of West African enslavement

how Africans became slaves of other Africans - war captives, committing crimes, debt
Masters sold slaves for overall, general misbehavior - laziness, stealing, murder
They had legal right to day of rest; to work for themselves 1-3 days a week; if no days off, they worked sunrise to 2pm.
Slaves had more stable family lives
Presumption of ultimate freedom
Slaves had social mobility in most places


4 features of legal conditions of slaves

Slave family had no protection
Whites who murdered slaves rarely faced legal consequences
Slaves needed a written pass to leave the plantation and could be stopped by any white
Slaves who conspired to rebel were often tortured to confess


2 ways that Africans influenced American slavery

Used one of the rights they had in Africa: a small plot of land to grow their own food
Planters used the task system - included routines they were already familiar with


When and who started the slave rebellion in Richmond, Virginia?

August 30, 1800 by Gabriel Prosser. Planned a slave revolt to arm 1000 slaves by setting fire to buildings. It rained so it was postponed then some slaves snitched to their masters. He was hanged.


When and who started the slave rebellion in Charleston, South Carolina?

July 14, 1822 by Denmark Vesey. Planned to arm 9000 slaves but the plot was disclosed before it occured. Vesey was hanged.


When and who started the slave rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia.

August 22, 1831 by Nat Turner. Believed in visions in his dreams; started at Travis plantation and freed slaves - murdered 50 to 55 whites. When they arrived in Jamestown, Virginia, they were met by armed men. Turner escaped, was found and hanged then skinned. Virginia ceased discussion of emancipation of slaves.


3 ways slaves were viewed by slave holders

Commodities to be sold
Objects of labor to be rented out
Producers of cash crops


What is the role of conjurors?

Claimed to receive power by God
Combination of malevolence of witch with the benevolence of African medicine man and priest.
Believed to be the medium fro redressing wrongs committed by slave's masters as well as druggist, physician, faith healer, psychologist, and fortune teller.


What were the attitudes of southern negro elite?

Of french and spanish origin and emphasized this heritage over African heritage
Looked down on other blacks
Although, some did help slaves


Why were blacks pushed out of skilled jobs in the south?

Influx of white immigrants led to less urgency to hire black laborers. They were pushed to the lowest, dirtiest jobs.


2 Attitudes of southerners to public education of black kids?

Barred blacks from attending
If admitted, black children sat in the rear and they were taught after the white children were taught


What were the attitudes of free blacks in honoring blacks of the revolutionary war?

Didn't respect July 4th.
Chose March 5, 1770 to celebrate blacks because it was the date the war started and Crispus Attucks was the first to die.


What were the attitudes of free blacks who went to Europe?

They faced no discrimination in Europe, so they loved going there