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Def of Missio Dei as part of Trinitarian Theology

1. Before the Fall: The Trinitarian movement of God to enter into fellowship with mankind and form their emerging cultures into the likeness of His unified yet diverse culture within the Godhead.
2. After the Fall: The Trinitarian movement of God to enter into fellowship with FALLEN mankind and TRANSFORM their cultures into the likeness of His unified yet diverse culture within the Godhead.


The view of this professor is that historically missions and mission has been understood

redemptive-historically and covenantly


redemptive-historically and covenantly

the process by which the kingdoms and peoples of the world are transformed by the arrival and growth of the kingdom as leavening yeast


Missio Dei

"Missio" is the Latin translation of the Greek apostellein. "Dei" is a Latin genitive meaning "of God"


Mission and the Trinitarian nature of God

Yahweh, the Father working through Christ the eternal Son who applies His work by the Spirit, is a missionary God.


Model for all human culture

God's culture within the Trinity


Human cultures are made up of remnants of

1) Theoculture (should be modeled)
2) Diabloculture (should be overcome)
3) Anthroculture (should be transformed)


Missiology is the study of

the Missio Dei
In other words the salvation activities of the Triune God throughout the mosaic of peoples upon the earth geared toward manifesting the fruit of growing Kingdom-reign of Jesus Christ in the individual, family, people, and culture.
Thus Missiology is the study of planting of the church and then study of how the church exercises the principles of the Word in the power of the Spirit to transform their culture.


Distinction b/w the mission of the church and Christian missions

1) Missions is only a part of the missio Dei
2) The one missio Dei is expressed in the countless specific missions of the church as the people of God.


The mission of restoration of the fallen involves

both true unity and real diversity


The PRIMARY mission of the church

is world evangelism, church planting, and conversion growth of the churches. It involves cross-cultural evangelism as well as monocultural evangelism. However, the other aspects of the missio Dei must NOT be neglected.


Church planting takes priority over culture change?

Yes. Remember the jet fighter model.


Biblical and Reformational definition of Justice

a) equal protection of one Scripture-based standard for every person (within the created gender, age, and etc. roles as explained by Scripture).
b) God is justice and creates justice through obedient people and scripturally modeled social structures. Civil government is one of three equal governing institutions (also family and church).


Definition of mission - Important concepts

Jet Fighter
1) Nose cone is evangelism and church planting. This takes PRIORITY.
2) Right wing is koinonia - sharing and fellowing (Christian community building)
3) Left wing is diakonia - social service (especially own community)
4) Tail is transformation - social action (in every ethno-culture of earth)



in the name of Christ, anyone officially involved in the missio Dei across cultures but primarily refers to cross cultural church planters.



ethno-covenental solidarity (aka People group, Ethnie)
A people with common language, common...


In the beginning

God created - with no original chaos either before or after creation.


Cultural Mandate

(aka Dominion Mandate) form, fill (with Godly children), and rule over the earth under God's Lordship.


Note about cultural mandate

Man's purpose was to extend boundaries of Garden to fill the earth with the Garden.

Garden in Eden compared to Promised Land of Canaan


Positive and Negative tasks of the cultural Mandate

Pos - work. Work is good and not part of the curse of the Fall.

Neg - Keep from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.


Diagram of cultural mandate and how Garden compares to Eden

Square Eden surrounded by an outer circle representing that Eden was to expand
Canaan the same, just replacing Eden.

Now WE are the city of God out of which we are to take the gospel.


Creation note

Creation changes, unfolds and in a non-biological sense, grows up (doesn't evolve).


Integral to the Creation Design

Development AND Differentiation

God's creation had 2 steps:
a) creation out of nothing
b) differentiation (filling)


History moves in 4 steps

a) Linear movement to the end
b) Creation, Fall Redemption, Consummation

I) History doesn't move from diversity to unity or unity to diversity
II) Not an evolving matter or evolving spirit