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interaction between two organisms or species that harms both in the process
- intra (within species)
- inter (between species)
- reduces the growth of both organism


competitive exclusion principle

two species cannot live in the place at the same time if they are limited by one or more of the same limiting resources


theory of limiting similarity

two species that are too similar cannot coexist


resource partitioning

inferior species may switch to another resource if there is competition in one community


temporal and spatial patchiness

the best competitor may not always find the best resource or the inferior competitor could find it first



how much individuals differ from the mean


t score

a value that reflects how different two means are
- influenced by standard deviation and sample size


p value

the probability that two means could be drawn from the same population or be not that different
- influenced by t score and sample size
- low score means that the difference is a true difference


what is the evidence of mutualism or competition

competition was portrayed through the decrease in growth when put in the same pot as another organism compared to the growth when in a pot alone


predation vs competition

predation is a relationship in which one organism in the relationship benefits and the other suffers while in competition both organisms in the relationship suffers


how does an antibiotic just kill the bacteria and not human cells

antibiotics target a specific characteristic of the bacteria such as the cell wall or specific metabolic enzyme