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Which of the following statements is correct regarding the use of a multimeter when directly measuring current?

It must be connected in series with the circuit.


To properly use a hook-on-type volt/ammeter to check current flow, you must FIRST __________.

hook the jaws of the instrument around the insulated conductor


A multimeter can be used to measure __________.

current, voltage and resistance.
[amps, volts and ohms.]


A multimeter may be damaged by taking a __________.

voltage reading while in the resistance mode


When used for taking resistance measurements, a volt-ohm-milliammeter is normally powered by __________.

internal storage batteries


Ammeters and voltmeters used in sinusoidal AC power systems indicate which of the following values of the waveforms measured?

Root-mean-square value


An ohmmeter can be used to measure __________.

circuit continuity


If you disconnect and arrange both ends of a three conductor cable, without any contact between the individual conductors, a low ohmic value between the ends of a single conductor would indicate __________.

continuity of the conductor


While troubleshooting a circuit in an engine room central control console, a resistor is suspected of being faulty. Which of the following precautions must be observed if an ohmmeter is to be used to check its value?

Resistor's circuit must be de-energized and at least one end of the component isolated.


To properly use a megohmmeter, you must FIRST __________.

de-energize the circuit before connecting the leads.