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What are the affordable care act provisions that could improve health outcomes through integration?

expanding coverage and emphasize prevention


what are the top 10 public health achievements?

Motor-Vehicle Safety,
Workplace Safety,
Control of Infectious Diseases,
Declines in Deaths from Heart Disease and Stroke,
Safer and Healthier Foods,
Healthier Mothers and Babies,
Family Planning,
Fluoridation of Drinking Water,
Tobacco as a Health Hazard,
Future Directions of Public Health


Why are US medical health care costs so high?

Administrative costs are so high,
spends more money on equipment and drugs, we're more likely to conduct way too many lab tests and surgeries than any other country-- costs more $$


What are key areas of health that will have substantial changes from 2004 to 2030?

- Low and lower middle income countries will shift away from communicable disease
- Causes associated with aging will increase in importance
- Mental health issues will increase in importance


recommendations for eliminating Health Disparities?

Ensure a strategic focus on communities at greatest risk.
Reduce disparities in access to quality health care.
Increase the capacity of the prevention workforce to identify and address disparities.
Support research to identify effective strategies to eliminate health disparities.
Standardize and collect data to better identify and address disparities.


Why was the response to Hurricane Katrina considered inadequate at all leaves of government

lack of prep, lack of response,
people were left stranded without water, food, or shelter
treatment in the super dome facilities were also criticized


What are strategic planning for Public Health [both Nationally, and Internationally

Refocus the organization's priorities, directions for the future, and assess constituents' requirements
Healthy People 2020
Healthy Monadnock 2020