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When an auditor decides to confirm A/R balances rather than individual invoices, it most likely would be beneficial to include with the confirmations...

Client prepared statements of account that shoe the details of the account balances


An auditor concludes that a substantive auditing procedure considered necessary during the prior period's audit was omitted. Which of the following factors would most likely cause the auditor promptly to apply the omitted procedures?

Omission of procedure impairs auditor's present ability to support previously expressed opinion


If properly disclosed in the financial statements, which of the following would ordinarily cause an accountant to modify his or her standard compilation of review report?
1) uncertainty about entity's ability to continue as a going concern
2) inconsistency in application of accounting principles



An accountant's report on a review of pro forma financial information should include a...

Reference to the financial state,nets from which the historical
Financial information is derived


After making inquiries about credit granting policies, an auditor selects a sample of sales transactions and examines evidence of credit approval. This test of controls most likely supports management's financial statement assertion of...

Valuation or allocation


When a CPA examines a client's projected financial statements, the CPA's report should...

State that the CPA performed procedures to evaluate management's assumptions


An auditor's inquiries of management disclosed that the entity recently invested in a series of energy derivatives to hedge against the risks associated with fluctuating oil prices. Under these circumstances the auditor should...

Examine the contracts for possible risk exposure and the need to recognize losses


An auditor's procedures indicate a lower than expected return on an equity method investment. This situation would most likely be caused by...

An error recording excess amortization


An auditor used test data to verify the existence of controls in a certain computer program. Even though the program performed well on the test, the auditor may still have concern that...

The program tested is the same one used in regular production


An auditor's letter issued on significant deficiencies relating to a entity's internal control observed during a financial statement audit should...

Indicate that the audit's purpose was to report on the FS
and not provide assurance on internal control


Which of the following is an element of a CPA firm's quality control system that should be considered in establishing its quality control policies and procedures?

Assigning personnel to engagements


An auditor examining inventory most likely would use variables sampling rather than attributes sampling to...

Estimate whether the dollar amount of inventory is reasonable


The personnel that were involved in the booking the transaction would...

Not be considered in understanding the business rationale of the transaction


The existence of subsequent events does not...

2) so no...

Impair independence

2) no modification regarding independence is necessary for a compilation report


An auditor observes the mailing of monthly statements to a client's customers and reviews evidence of follow up on errors reported by the customers. This test of controls most likely is performed to support management's financial statement assertion of...



The primary objective of procedures performed to obtain an understanding of internal control is to provide an auditor with...

Knowledge necessary for audit planning


After the report release date...

Additions may be made


An auditor must communicate...

2) to those in charge with governance through...

Any matter of independence

2) written communication


Which of the following is the primary reason that many auditor's hesitate to use embedded audit modules?

Auditors are required to be involved in the system design of the application to be monitored


A CPA is required to comply with the provisions of Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) when engaged to...

Review MD&A prepared pursuant to rules and regulations adopted
By the SEC


Application controls pertain to...

Processing of individual applications in an IT environment


An auditor who uses statistical sampling for attributes in testing internal controls should reduce the planned reliance on a prescribed control when...

Sample rate of deviation + allowance for sampling risk
exceeds the tolerable rate


When an accountant is engaged to report on subject matter or presentation based on measurement or disclosure criteria contained in contractual agreements or regulatory provisions he should...

2) Why?

Restrict the report

2) because it may be misunderstood by those who are not
adequately informed of the basis, assumptions or purpose of presentation


On receiving a client's bank cutoff statement, an auditor is most likely would trace...

Prior year checks listed in the cutoff statement to the year end outstanding checklist


When an accounting application is processed by computer, an auditor cannot verify the reliable operating of programmed controls by...2

Manually reperforming, as of a point in time, the processing of
Input data

And comparing the simulated results to the actual results


Investigate changes in capital stock recorded after year end is...

A procedure an auditor would likely perform to obtain evidence
About the occurrence of subsequent events


Analytical procedures have the highest level of evidence when they use...

Direct predictable relationships within financial statements


Which of the following procedures would the principal auditor most likely perform after deciding to make reference to another CPA who audited a subsidiary of the entity?

Make inquiries about the professional reputation and independence
of the other CPA


To be effective, analytical procedures in the overall review stage of an audit engagement should be performed by which of the following?

A manager or partner who has a comprehensive knowledge of the client's business and industry


Ineffective general controls by themselves...

2) however they can...

Do not cause misstatements

2) permit applications controls to operate improperly and allow misstatements to occur


The independent auditor's Procedures performed in assessing the risk of material misstatement...

May be affected by work of internal auditors


For effective internal control, the accounts payable department generally should...

Establish the agreement of the vendor's invoice with the receiving
report and purchase order


Allows the relative frequency of an interval to be determined by knowing only the mean and the standard deviation

Normal distribution


Measures the extent to which the values of the items are spread about the mean

Standard deviation


If a major customer files for bankruptcy. What is the journal entry?

Bad debt exp (operating exp.). Xxx
Allow. For doubtful accts. xxx


The internal control questionnaires, flowcharts and narratives are part of the understanding of internal control and are also prepared prior to field work. However these may be expanded to answer questions that arise or collect additional information and therefore are...

Never finalized until fieldwork is performed to some extent


Updating the prior year's written audit program should...

Be performed prior to the beginning of fieldwork on a continuing


Confirmation is the process of obtaining a...

2) from...

Direct communication

A third party


Rights and obligations as well as presentation and disclosure can...

Be addressed by confirmations


"Nonresponses do not provide audit evidence about the financial statement assertions being addressed." This statement describes a drawback of which type of confirmation?

Positive confirmations


Which type of confirmation runs the risk of the third party signing it and returning it without verifying that the information is correct?

Positive confirmation request