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Roderigo referring to Othello by a distinct facial feature, links to theme of prejudice

"thick-lips owe!
A1 S1


Examples of Iago describing Othello using animalistic imagery

"Barbary horse"
"An old black ram is tupping your white ewe"
"beast with two backs"

A1 S1


Examples of Othello being accused of witchcraft

"is there not charms by which the property of youth and maidhood may be abused?" - Brabantio A1 S1

"thou hast enchanted her"-Brabantio A1 S2

"Abused her delicate youth with drugs or minerals"- Brabantio A1 S2


religious connotations and racism

"or else the devil will make a grandsire out of you" - Iago
"O, the more angel she, and you the blacker devil" Emilia A5 S2


Othello's internalised racism

"is now begrimmed and black as mine own face" A3 S3
"black vengeance" Othello A3 S3
"like the base Judean, threw a pearl away" A5 S2
I took him by the throat the circumcised dog" A5 S2


Iago showing his duality

"I am not what I am" A1 S1
"thus do I ever make the fool my purse" A1 S3
"what are you hurt, lieutenant?" A2 S3
"By janus" A1 S2
"tush never tell me" opening lines
"visages of duty" A1 S1
"you Roderigo? come sir I am for you" A1 S2


the assumption women are deceitful

"she has deceived her father and may deceive thee" Brabantio A1 S3

"she did deceive her father marrying you" Iago A3 S3

"they dare not show their husbands"-Iago A3 S3

"women's tears/each drop she falls would prove a crocodile" Othello A4 S1


Iago and jealousy

"I follow him to serve my turn upon him" -Iago A1 S1

"oh beware, my lord of jealousy/it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock/the meat it feeds on" Iago A3 S3


Othello and jealousy

I'd rather be a toad and live upon the vapours of a dungeon...." would rather this than have an adulterous wife


Emilia and jealousy

But jealous for they are jealous: tis a monster" A3 S4


fragile masculinity

"reputation, reputation, reputation! O, i have lost my reputation!" -Cassio A3 S3

"spoke such scurvy and provoking terms against your honour" -Iago A1 S2

"out strumpet! Weep'st thou for him to my face?" Othello A5 S2

"Farewell! Othello's occupations gone!" Othello A3 S3

"to make me a fixed figure for the time of scorn" Othello A4 S2


more evidence of a patriarchal society

"she wished that heaven had made her such a man" othello A1 S2

"When he hears of her, he cannot restrain from the excess off laughter" Iago


Emilia as a feminist

"But I do think it is their husbands faults if wives do fall" A4 S3


Iago demonstrating sexism

She that was ever fair .. to suckle fools and chronicle small beer. – Iago

Act 2 Scene 1