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“Everything fails all the time.”

Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon.com,


hyrum's law

Any observable behavior will be depended on


The U.S. Department of Agriculture understood this when, in 2011, it moved from the food pyramid to the plate model to communicate healthy eating guidelines – after all, we don’t eat off of pyramids; we eat off of plates.

better picture result better effects


Above all, resist the urge to manage

Steve Vinter, engineering manager at google, from book "google software eingineering"


Managers can wind up acting like parents, consequently employees react like children.

Traditional (assembly line) managers worry about how to get things done, whereas great managers worry about what things get done (and trust their team to figure out how to do it)

Google Engineering book chapter 5 author


Failure is an option

safe environment

it is ok to fail...as long as you fail fast


Engineers hate being micromanaged on the technical side but love being closely managed on the career side
(Dan Pink Ted Talk)




Employees with high-scoring bosses consistently reported greater satisfaction in multiple areas, including innovation, work-life balance, and career development



“Sometimes you get to be the tooth fairy, other times you have to be the dentist.”

Google Engineering book chapter 5 author' manager

radical candor


Google’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team has a motto: “Hope is not a strategy.”

"let's hope this deployment is successful"....why will it not be? can you have prevented the failures?


If you cannot measure it you cannot improve it

Peter Drucker


Steve Jobs once said: “A people hire other A people; B people hire C people.”

budge issue?
hire ppl better or replacement of you?


Giving hard feedback is…well, hard
Don't sugar coat criticism or mistakes
Don't resort to compliment sandwich..the essential criticism will be lost among compliments

Google Engineering book chapter 5