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What content is in a MindMap?

- Central Node
- Sub Nodes
- Branches


What is the purpose of a MindMap?

- Quickly generates ideas
- Show links between nodes
- Show how ideas link to create new ideas
- Keeps ideas in an organised state


What content is in a Moodboard?

- Images
- Text
- Colours
- Textures
- Fonts


What are some uses of a MindMap?

- Development and options for ideas
- Connections and links between different parts of the project


What are some uses of a Moodboard?

- Starting point for a project
- Collect samples and materials
- Combine images to create new ideas


What is the purpose of a Moodboard?

- Stimulate creativity
- Collects a wide range of material to give a 'feel' for what is needed


What is the purpose of a visualisation diagram?

- Plans the layout of a still image visually
- Shows how the finished item may look


What is a use of a visualisation diagram?

- Shows the production team how the product is supposed to look
- Gives a rough starting point of the project


What content is in a visualisation diagram?

- Multiple images
- Colours
- Position and style of text
- Fonts


What content is in a storyboard?

- Images
- Locations
- Camera shot types
- Camera movement


What is the purpose of a storyboard?

- Visual representation of project
- Graphical illustration
- Edit scenes into a story


What is a use of a storyboard?

- Used in any project that has movement along a timeline


What is a use of a script?

Used to plan out the speech, storyline and stage direction for a video, comic or game


What is the purpose of a script?

- To identify location of action
- To identify who will be in the scene
- To provide stage directions
- To provide dialogue


What content is in a script?

- Set or location
- Scene descriptions
- Stage directions
- Camera shot types
- Camera movement
- Sounds and sound effects
- Names of actors/characters
- Dialogue


What is a Moodboard?

A mood board is a collection of sample materials and products.


What is a MindMap?

A mindmap is a way of organising thoughts and ideas. They are based around a central theme.


What is a visualisation diagram?

A visualisation diagram is a rough drawing or sketch of what the final static image product is intended to look like.


What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is used to illustrate a sequence of moving images, and has a flow of scenes that follow a timeline.


What is a script?

A script is a piece of written work that can be for a movie, audio, audio-visual or screenplay.