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What is the purpose of client requirements?

- To provide the media developer with outline information and any constraints for the project
- A clear statement of what is to be produced
- To identify the intention for the project, and what is hoped to be achieved.


What content is in client requirements?

- Statement of what media product is needed
- The purpose of that media product
- Who the target audience is
- An indication of the content for the media product
- Timescale for when the product will be needed
- Constraints and restrictions
- Details of any house style to make sure the product is consistent with the organisations own branding and recognised style


What is the target audience?

The final viewer/consumer of the product that has been/will be made. It could also be the user of pre-production documents.


What is house style?

Many organisations will have an established brand identity that includes set colours schemes, design styles, fonts and logos. It it likely that any new media product will have to follow the organisations house style.


What is primary information?

Information that is obtained first hand from an original source and therefore is typically more reliable.


What is secondary information?

Information is obtained second hand, where somebody else has already put their own interpretation on the original information. the accuracy of the information might need to be checked when using secondary sources.


List some primary sources

- Autobiography
- Original works
- First hand account
- Diary
- Interview
- Video footage
- Photo


List some secondary sources

- Biography
- Commentaries
- History textbook
- Magazine article
- Report
- Encyclopaedia
- News broadcast


What is a work plan?

A work plan is a structured list of all the tasks and associated activities needed to complete a project, along with the timescales in which the project needs to be finished.


What is the purpose of a work plan?

- To provide a timescale for the overall project to be completed
- To map out against time all the different aspects of the project


What is work flow?

Work flow is the order that the activities will be completed in but can also be the sequence within a software application between importing assets and exporting the final output.


What content is in a work plan?

- Tasks
- Activities
- Duration
- Timescales
- Milestones
- Deadlines
- Resources
- Contingencies


What is a use of a work plan?

- Used to organise your work in time periods
- Used in creation of media products, such as animations


What categories are target audience split into?

- Age
- Gender
- Location
- Ethnicity


What is hardware?

- Physical devices such as a computer or a tablet


What is hardware used for?

Hardware is used for creating pre-production documents or media products.


What is software?

- Software are programs that are installed on a piece of hardware


What is software used for?

Software are the programs that are used to create pre-production documents or media products.


What is a recce?

A recce is a visit to a specific location that will be used for recording purposes.


What is the purpose of a recce?

The purpose is to check access, see what is there, identify the best positions and assess environmental considerations.


What would a recce report need to make notes on?

- Location
- Access
- Lighting
- Health and safety issues
- Availability of power
- Environmental considerations
- Any other potential issues


What is the process of a risk assessment?

- Identify the hazards and dangers
- Decide who might be harmed and how
- Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions to be taken
- Record your findings and implement them
- Review your assessment and update if necessary


What considerations should there be when using a computer?

- Chair height
- Seating position
- Distance from screen to eyes
- Keyboards/mice


What are some risk factors of working with electricity?

- Cable safety on the ground: loose cables can become trip hazards, causing people to fall and could potentially damage the equipment that cables are connected to
- Location: if outdoors, are there any damp/wet conditions or is there any chance of rain?


What are some typical risk factors of working with heavy equipment?

- Lifting: using the correct handling techniques to prevent back injury
- Moving: being in a stable position and avoiding twisting
- Setting up: you may need two people, one to hold the camera or lights in position while the other tightens the stand or tripod mount


What does the © symbol mean?



What does the ™ symbol mean?



What does the ® symbol mean?



Give some examples of published content

- Photographs/iamges/graphics
- Music
- Movies


What must you do to use published resources?

- Contact the owner
- Ask for permission to use it
- Be prepared to pay a fee