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When the multiple currencies feature is enabled, which currency is used as the basis for all currency conversion rates?

A. Record currency
B. Personal currency
C. Active currency
D. Corporate currency



What is in the locale settings? Choose 3 answers.

A. Currency
B. Locale
C. Language
D. Time Zone



What should administrator be aware of when setting custom fiscal year? Choose 2.

A. Custom fiscal year can NOT be disabled.
B. Custom fiscal year must be set manually.
C. Change in fiscal year automatically updates product schedule.
D. Fiscal year affects only forecasts.



What user interface setting must be enabled for users to edit records in a list view? Choose 2 answers.

A. Inline editing
B. Enhanced lists
C. Enhanced page layout editor
D. Enhanced profile list views



How can user access for Mobile access? Choose 2 answers.

A. Using supported mobile browser
B. Install Salesforce Connect for mobile
C. Use downloadable Salesforce Mobile App
D. Install Salesforce Mobile configuration



A user would like to change the language that the user interface is displayed in, how can the administrator accomplish this?

A. The administrator changes the Language setting for the user
B. The administrator changes the Locale for the user
C. The administrator advises the user to change the Language setting in the user's Personal Information
D. The administrator changes the default Language setting in the Company Profile



I have 25 Salesforce (User) licenses, how many users can an administrator create?

A. 5
B. 15
C. 25
D. Unlimited



Which set of standard objects are children of the Account object in a many-to-one relationship?

A. Opportunity, Contact, and Case
B. Opportunity, Quote, and Conflict
C. Email, Quote, and Opportunity
D. Contact, Email, and Case



Which two settings can a system administrator enable in the User Interface Setup? Choose 2.

A. Printable list views
B. Customizable recent tags
C. Related list hover links
D. Chatter Messenger for specific users



As part of a Salesforce Stakeholder meeting, the CTO of Universal Containers ask the system administrator to provide information for Total Salesforce Licenses, Used Licenses, and the Remaining Salesforce licenses. Where would a system administrator find this information?

A. Company Information
B. Profiles
C. Critical Updates
D. Users



Where do we setup Field Level Security? Choose 2 answers

A. Fields & Relationships > select specific Field
B. Setup > Object Manager
C. Object Manager > Page Layout
D. Profile > Object Settings



Universal Containers wants to create a custom object to capture account survey data. Users must be able to select an account from the survey record and view related surveys on the account record. Which two actions should the system administrator take to meet these requirements? Choose 2 answers.

A. Create a lookup relationship field on the survey object.
B. Create a lookup relationship field on the account object.
C. Add the survey related list to the account page layout.
D. Add the account related list to the survey page layout.



The administrator at Universal Containers will create a custom field to track a specific Tier 2 support user on a case record. Which data type should be used when creating this custom field?

A. Lookup relationship
B. Hierarchical relationship
C. Lookup filter
D. Formula



To ensure compliance with a platinum service level agreement, cases that remain in the tier 2 queue for more than four hours must be re-assigned to the tier 3 queue. Which feature meets this requirement?

A. Auto Response Rule
B. Case Assignment Rule
C. Case Escalation Rule
D. Case Comments



A system administrator at Universal Containers created a new account record type. However, sales users are unable to select the new record type when creating new account records. What are two possible reasons for this? Choose 2 answers

A. The record type has not been activated.
B. The record type has not been set as the default record type.
C. The record type has not been added to the sales user profile.
D. The record type does not have an associated page layout.



How can a new system administrator quickly provide access to adoption reports and dashboards for managers?

A. Log a case to salesforce support.
B. Build reports and dashboards.
C. Use the salesforce auto-report builder.
D. Search the AppExchange for free adoption report apps.



7. Salesforce users have a session timeout of 12 hours. Management is requesting that the session timeout be increased to 24 hours and that the inactive users are logged out at that time. How should a System Administrator accommodate this request?

A. In Session Settings, choose 24 Hours, and uncheck the box for Force Logout on session timeout.
B. In User Profiles, type in 24 hours, and uncheck the box for Force Logout on session timeout.
C. In Session Settings, choose 24 Hours in the Timeout section, and check the box for Force logout on session timeout.
D. In User Profiles, type in 24 Hours in the Timeout section, and uncheck the box for Force logout on session timeout.



What are two capabilities of the content delivery feature of Salesforce Content? Choose 2 answers

A. Associate the content delivery with a Salesforce record.
B. Password protect content deliveries that contain sensitive data.
C. Customize the URL assigned to the content delivery.
D. Encrypt certain content delivery files.



Universal Containers needs to upload 1 million new Account records to Salesforce. What should the Administrator recommend to perform this data upload?

A. Use the Data Import Wizard
B. Use an AppExchange app
C. Use the Data Loader
D. Contact Salesforce



What should an administrator consider when setting up Case Feed?

A. Chatter Feed tracking must be enabled for the case object.
B. The Use Case Feed permission is automatically active for all profiles.
C. Case Feed replaces the standard case detail page by default.
D. Case Feed requires the Service Cloud User feature license.



If a user is working in Salesforce when the login hours end, what will happen?

A. A warning message is displayed, and the user is logged out immediately
B. The user can continue to work with no impact
C. The user can continue viewing the page but not another page
D. The user can continue working, but no new users can log in



Which setting on a profile makes a tab NOT accessible on the All Tabs page or visible in any app, but still allows a user to view records that would normally be found under this tab?

A. Tab Settings
B. App Permissions
C. Org-wide Defaults
D. Object Permissions



Universal Containers has just restructured its sales department. Records that the sales manager expects to see are NOT showing up in the new opportunity report. Which three questions should the administrator as to troubleshoot this issue? Choose 3 answers

A. Have the owners of the records been frozen?
B. Did the sales manager start from a copy or clone of an existing report?
C. Are records still being shared with the sales manager?
D. Do the records the sales manager expects to see match the filter criteria?
E. Do owners of all records have roles and correct territory assignments?



Users in separate departments are able to see and edit different fields on Opportunities. The sales team can edit all fields on the opportunity while the support team has read-only access to these fields. Where is field-level security controlled for users on these teams?

A. Profile
B. Public Groups
C. Sharing Rules
D. Role



What are two Validation Rule Fields? Choose 2 answers.

A. Active Date
B. Owner
C. Error Condition Formula
D. Error Message



Which three can be modified on standard object fields? Choose 3 answers

A. Field type
B. Label
C. Default text
D. Help text
E. Picklist values



5. What are the valid organization-wide default options for the Account Object?

A. Public Read/Write/Transfer
B. Private
C. No Access
D. Public Read/Write/Delete



What does campaign influence allow a user to do?

A. Summarize campaign member statistics on a campaign
B. Adjust the percentage of influence each campaign has an opportunity.
C. Report on the campaigns that have contributed to an opportunity.
D. View the entire campaign hierarchy.



Which two dashboard components are populated with data from the grand total of a custom report? Choose 2 answers
A. Metric
B. Gauge
C. Table
D. Chart



Sales representatives use a custom report type for Account reports. New fields have been created on the account object. What should a System Administrator do to report on the newly created fields?

A. From the custom report type, edit object relationships, then add the new fields to the report.
B. From the custom report type, edit layout, then add the new fields to the report.
C. Created a new account report folder, go to share, and then add the new fields.
D. Create a new account report and then add the new fields from the report builder.