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What styles of wine are made in Nova Scotia? Name 2 permitted grapes.

White only. Minimum 51% combined Seyval, l'Acadie, Geisenheim 318 and/or Vidal; plus other white varieties of Nova Scotia


How much of a vintage must be included for a bottle of BC wine to be vintage dated?



What % of grapes must be grown in Ontario to be labeled VQA? Prince Edward County? Niagara Peninsula? Niagara Escarpment?

100%, 85%, 85%, 100% (the viticultural areas are 85% - more broad/specific are 100%) Viti Areas: Prince Edward County, Niagara Peninsula, Lake Erie North Shore


What mountains provide a rainshadow effect for Okanagan Valley? Name two bodies of water than moderate temps there.

Monashee Mountains. Lake Okanagan, Lake Osoyoos.


What region is the source of Thunderbird and Night Train Express? Who makes them?

Central Valley AVA, Gallo


Who makes Eroica? What is the grape?

Dr. Loosen & Ch. St. Michelle - Riesling


Woodward Canyon was a pioneer winery in what AVA? Along with what other winery?

Walla Walla AVA, along with Leonetti, l'Ecole and Waterbrook. They're the 'founding fathers.' WWWW


The Rocks of Milton-Freewater AVA is located within what two other AVAs and lies in what state?

It is entirely within Oregon and lies within Walla Walla which lies within the Columbia Valley.


Which significant American AVA was rezoned and ended up decreasing in size in 2014?

Mendocino AVA. This was to make sure that a new AVA of Mendocino County would not overlap. That new AVA is Eagle Peak Mendocino County AVA.


What is funky about AVA labeling laws in Washington State? What is the minimum amount of wine from an AVA included in states other than Washington?

For all states other than Washington, 85% of grapes must come from the stated AVA if the bottle is labeled as such. In a few cases where the AVA is shared by WA and another state but the grapes are from the WA part of the AVA, then 95% of the grapes must be from that AVA (seeminly to signal that it is indeed from Washington)


What AVA was established in 2014 that contains parts of North Carolina and Georgia?

Upper Hiwassee Highlands AVA (Lake Hiawatha)


What are the tirage and cepage differences between Cremant de Die and Clairette de Die?

Clairette de Die has two styles: Blanc Mousseux (Méthode Traditionnelle): Clairette
Méthode Dioise Ancestrale: min. 75% Muscat à Petits Grains plus Clairette. Cremant de Die: min 55% Clairette, Traditional Method, 9 months on the lees


What are Argentina's 1st and 2nd most planted grapes? How about it's most planted white?

1st: light-skinned Cereza; 2nd - Bonarda (aka Charbono / Corbeau). White: Pedro Gimenez.


What are the parents of Torrontes Riojoana? What are the two lesser quality Torrontes clones?

Criolla Chica x Muscat of Alexandria. Torrontés Mendocino and Torrontés Sanjuanino


Name the 3 subregions of Coquimbo from North to South.

Elqui, Limari, Choapa.


Name 3 Chilean wines produced from Colchagua fruit.

Casa Lapostolle’s “Clos Apalta,” Viña Montes “Alpha M,” and Viña Montes “Purple Angel” (Carmenere)


What are Argentina's two DOCs?

Luján de Cuyo and San Rafael


What are the Igs of Luyan de Cuyo DOC/IG? What is the climate?

Agrelo IG, Las Compuertas IG. Vistalba, Las Compuertas, Perdriel, Agrelo and Ugarteche are all names that can appear from labels in the area. Luyan de Cuyo is the the rainshadow of the andes and therefore has a dry almost desert like climate, irrigated by canals from the Mendoza river.


What grapes are permitted in Jura vin de paille? Name a producer.

Chardonnay, Poulsard, Savagnin, and Trousseau. Stephane & Benedictine Tissot, Baudy


What are the aging requirements for vin de paille?

Vin de Paille: Must be aged until November 15 of the third year following the harvest, including at least 18 months in oak, may be released on December 1 of the third year following the harvest


How long must grapes for vin jaune be dried? What is the required min must weight and final rs?

Grapes destined for Vin de Paille must be dried for a min. 6 weeks, achieving a must weight of 320-420 g/l


What is another name for 'Vin Mousseau' (blanc/rosé) in the Savoie?

*As of 2014 it can now be called Crémant


What does Edelzwicker mean? What is the minumum amount of grape varietes and do these bottlings carry vintage dates? How about 'Gentil'?

noble blend' but only 1 grape variety is required. Not vintage dated. Gentil means that min 50% noble grapes must be present in the blend, can be vintage dated


Which two Alsace Grand Crus are allowed to bottle a blend of varieties? What are the blends? Which Grand Cru allows Sylvaner?

Altenberg de Bergheim and Kaefferkopf. Altenberg de Bergheim: 50-70% Riesling, 10-25% Pinot Gris, 10-25% Gewurztraminer, max. 10% combined Chasselas, Muscat, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Blanc
Kaefferkopf: 60-80% Gewurztraminer, 10-40% Riesling, max. 30% Pinot Gris, max. 10% Muscat
Altenberg de Bergheim and Kaefferkopf may also produce varietal Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Riesling. Zotzenberg allows Sylvaner. *Muscat is not authorized for varietal wines from Zotzenberg, Altenberg de Bergheim, or Kaefferkopf.


What is the minimum must weight for Alsace Grand Cru? Which Grand Cru has an even higher minimum?

Alsace Grand Cru:
Riesling, Muscat, Sylvaner: 168 g/l
Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer: 193 g/l
Altenberg de Bergheim:
Riesling: 185 g/l
Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer: 218 g/l


What is rémiage?

Water may be added to the marc for an additional extraction (a second maceration of the apprles/pears with water is called the "rémiage"), and any juice extracted by this method must have a min. must weight of 48 g/l; total must weight must be 78 g/l


What are the grapes used in Frascati Superiore DOCG? Min RS in Cannelino di Frascati?

min 70% Malvasia di Candia, Malvasia Lazio) max 30%(Bellone, Bombino Bianco, Greco Bianco, Trebbiano Toscano, and/or Trebbiano Giallo) Min 35 gl of RS


Rank these DOCG from min % Sangiovese to max % Sangio manditory: Val di Cornia, Brunello, Vinoi Nobile, Chianti, Chianti Classico, Carmignano, Morellino di Scansano, Montecucco Sangiovese, Chianti Colli Sinesi

Val di Cornia (40%), Carmignano (50%), Chianti & Vino Nobile (70%), Chianti Colli Sinesi (75%), Chianti Classico (80%), Morellino di Scansano (85%), Montecucco SG (90%), Brunello (100%).


What are the aging requirements for Bolgheri Rosso Superiore? Name 2 wines that bottle under this classification

must be aged a minimum of 2 years from January 1 of the year following the harvest including at least 1 year in oak barrels. (normale does not require oak aging and is released 9/1 yr after harvest). Ornellaia, Grattamacco, Greppicaia, Guado al Tasso


What is the classification for Masseto? Tignanello? Solaia?

All Toscana IGT. (Masseto has too much Merlot to be Bolgheri DOC and Tignello and Solaia are both located in the Chianti Classico subregion and had Cab Franc, Cab Sauv and no white grapes planted)


What are the oak aging requirements for Bolgheri Sassicaia DOC? Min abv%?

must be aged for a minimum 2 years from January 1 of the year following the harvest, including at least 18 months in 225-liter barriques. 12% min abv (.5% less than Bolgheri Superiore)


Where is Helan Shan?

Mountains in Western China in Ningxia


Where are the majority of China's wineries?

Shandong Peninsula south of Beijing. ~25%


What are the trappist beers ane where are they located?

11. Belgium: Rochefort, Westmalle, Westvleteren, Chimay, Orval, Achel. Netherlands: La Trappe, Abdij Maria Toevlucht. Austria: Stift Engelszell. US - St. Joseph's Abbey (MA). Italy - Tre Fontaine


Listan Prieto synonyms?

Palomino Negro