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What was the most famous Hunger March undertaken by desperate workers and their families in the 1930s?

The Jarrow Crusade


Outside the role of PM, what were the 'great three' offices of state?

- Home Secretary
- Chancellor of the Exchequer
- Foriegn Secretary

not health secretary


When was Black Friday



what were the reasons that Labour won the 1945 election?

- promised the implementation of the 1942 Beverage Report.
- Conservative manifesto focussed on foreign policy and was not socially progressive.
- public trusted Labour politicians as they proved competant during wartime gov.


What issues caused a split in Labour in August 1931 and the formation of the National Government?

The introduction of 10% cut in unemployment benefit to appease American banks.


What were the social reforms introduced by Ramsay MacDonald during his time as PM between 1929-1935?

- The 1930 Housing Act (slum clearance)
- The Education Act
- Unemployment Insurance Act


Reasons Britain was economically damaged immediatly after WWI:

- War Debts from American banks on Wall Street
- War cost £3.25 billion
- British industries had been forced to switch to war production instead of supplying export markets
- By 1918, the country had lost over 3/4 of a million men, most essential to economic output


Who was PM between 1955-1957?

Anthony Eden


Causes for the General Strike:

- Decision to go back on Gold Standard 1925
- The Samuel Commission
- Long term underinvestment in heavy industry.


Labours economic performance across 1945-1951:

- Managed to achieve full employment. average under 300,000 people 45'-51'
- Economy grew by 4% a year after 1948
- Began to boost world trade again. 17% of world trade dominated in 1939 to 20% in 1950


Who was the Egyptian President who Nationalised the Suez Canal in 1956?

President Nasser


Who went to Washington to try negociate a Financial Gift of $8 billion from the Americans in 1945?

John Maynard Keynes


Why did three 'right wing' Conservatives resign in 1959?
Enoch Powell, Peter Thorneycroft & Nigel Birch

They believed the Macmillan Government was spending too much. They were convinced that inflation, not unemployment, was the greatest threat to the economy.


Reasons Labour lost the 1970 election:

- Unemployment began to steadily grow towards the end of 1960s
- Wilson's Government continued to struggle against Miner's strikes. Many days lost to strikes.
- Members of Wilson's own cabinet turning on him. disunity of Party
- Voters turned on Wilson when he didn't condem America for the Vietnam War


What mix of politicians served in Churchill's wartime Government?

Conservatives, Labour and Liberal MP's


Why did many businesses in the UK want to come off the Gold Standard?

Because they believed it would make their exports cheaper and more competitive across the world