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Who were the Conservative PM's between 1951-1964?

Winston Churchill (1951-1955)
Anthony Eden (1955-1957)
Harold Macmillan (1957-1963)
Sir Alec Douglas-Home (1963-1964)


What social reforms were introduced by the Wilson Government?

- New universities and polytechnics were built
- The Open University was established
- Homosexuality was decriminalised
- Abortions were decriminalised
- The death penalty was removed


Reasons Anthony Eden won the 1955 general election:

- Seen as a natural successor to Churchill as he had experience and had the support of the Government
- 1955 had the lowest unemployment figues in recent hisory. Just over 1% (215,000)
- Eden was young and popular with public with impressive wartime record as Churchill's Foreign Minister


The Liberal party went into decline in the 1920s, eclipsed by Labour who took on the mantle of social reforms. T/F?



Consequences of the Suez Crisis 1956:

- Anthony Eden was humiliated and disgraced. Resigned as PM in Jan 1957
- Britain was arguably no longer a dominant world power. (top 2-3 countries in world)
- Crisis demonstrated just how reliant Britain was on the USA. Britaincould no longer act independently without needing approval of the USA.


What does th eterm 'Butskellism' refer to?

A name coined by the Economist newspaper to describe the post-war consensus that emerged between the two political parties on how to run the economy and welfare.


What measures did the National Government introduce that aided economic recovery between 1934-1939?

- Cutting interest rates. cheaper borrowing leading to more spending and job creation.
- Abandoning Gold Standard. Cheaper exports, more competitive.
- Restructuring war debts. 25% of its tax revenue instead of 40%.
- Government spent money on road building that stimulated industries such as Car Manufacturing.


When was neville Chamberlain Prime Minister?



Which political party evolved out of the Trades Union Congress in the early 20th century?

The Labour Party


What areas of Britain are usually associated with heavy industry?

- North of England
- South Wales
- South Scotland


Who, very breifly became PM between late 1963 and 1964?

Sir Alec Douglas-Home


What were the reasons that the Labour party lost the 1924 election?

- The Zinoviev Letter
- They had a minority government
- Hatred and smear from the right wing media


Who was the PM between 1924-1929?

Stanley Baldwin


Who was the leader of the BUF?

Oswald Mosely


Who beame PM after Clement Attlee in 1951?

Winston Churchill


John Maynard Keynes believed that on the Gold Standard, the pound was overvalued by how much?