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A plumbing accessory used to connect water drainage pipes; available straight, curved, T or Y.

Pipe Fitting


Any fitting that has a wide radius of curvature.

Sweep fitting


A type of fitting shaped like the letter T, allowing three pipes to be connected.

Tee Fitting


A pipe fitting that turns 180 degrees.

Return bend fitting


A straight connection of two piped in which the spigot end of is inserted in the flared-out of the other.

Bell-and-Spigot Joint


A short segment of pipe, internally threaded at both ends to join it extend two pipes end to end.



In couplings consisting of two inter penetrating pa as in pipe fittings, the one having partly it entirely to house.

Female connector


In plumbing, a tapered coupling to connect a pipes having a different diameter.



In couplings consisting of two parts, as in pipe fittings, the one having to fit partly.

Male connector


A short threaded pipe fitting with no outlet, used to close the end of a pipe.



A Tee fitting for soil pipes, with a curve in the 90 deg transition, to channel the flow in the direction of the main flow.

Sanitary Tee


A pipe fitting shaped like a letter Y. Also fitting with a brand departing at a 45 deg angle. Also called wye.



Device designed to control the water entering a tank: a floating ball at the end of a lever opens or shuts off the supply when the surface goes beyond the predetermined full or empty levels.

Ball Cock


A wide curved pipe designed to connect a toilet bowl to the drainage system.

Closet Bend


A closet bowl similar to the siphon-jet but with a somewhat narrower drain outlet.

Reverse-Trap Closet


A water closet in which the flush water flows from the rim of the bowl, filling the siphon which drags the waste down the drain with it when it starts to flow.

Siphon-Jet Closet


A water closet similar to the siphon jet type but on which the flush water comes from the rim of the bowl exclusively, creating a whirling motion which contributes to remove the waste.

Siphon-Vortex closet


The traditional type of closet in which waste is washed and pushed through the trap seal to the drain by the action of the water released from an overhead tank; no longer produced but still in use.

Wash-Down Closet


A device used to control or shut off the flow of a liquid, especially water or gas, in pipe.



A valve or tap designed to shut off the passage of water or had where the exit is at 90 deg angle to the rest of the pipe.

Angle Valve


A device to control water- flow through a pipe operated by a wedge-shaped gate, which allows full flow when raise it restricts it when lowered; not adequate for very close fluid control or very tight shutoff.

Gate valve


A valve designed to allow the flow of fluids or gases in one direction only, esp in drains; incorrect flow automatically closes the valve.

Backflow valve


A valve in which a movable spindle is tightened into fixed seat, restricting the flow of water; the spindle had a washer to ensure the fit; the devices usually encased in characteristic globular housing.

Globe valve


A water outlet to mix hit and cold regulated automatically it by hand, in proportions.

Mixing Faucet


A water outlet designed to mix hot and cold water by manipulating one single control.

Mixer faucet


A water outlet valve equipped with a thermostat blend bit and cold water at a prefixed temperature, in spite of pressure variations in the two pipes.

Anti-Scald Faucet


The combined network of pipes, valves and other devices that lead liquid borne waste and/ or storm water out if a building and into the public sewers.

Drainage System


The pipe connecting the trap seal of a plumbing fixture to the drainage system.

Fixture Drain


Drain pipe the collects water-borne waste other than the fecal matter from the building's plumbing fixture.

Waste Pipe


Drainage pipes that are not connected directly ti the building's main drainage system, but lead the waste to it through a trapped receptacle.

Indirect Waste Pipe