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Mongolian spot

More common in dark sinned races

Flat blue or gray lesions with well defined margins (do not fade into skin)

Usually disappear in first few years of life

Most often in presacral area

2/2 melanin-containing melanocytes in dermal layer


VS child abuse - bruises FADE INTO skin and have diff colors


Erythema toxicum

Small papules or pustules on erythematous base

Usually disappear after 1st day of life --> several weeks

Pustules full of eosinophils

Baby looks good! Not ill


Vs Staph scalded skin syndrome - full of neutrophils and skin cx = staph aureus and baby looks ILL

Other DDx = pyoderma (any skin dz that has pus like impetigo), candida



keratin-filled cyst that can appear just under the epidermis

Small inclusion cysts
Pearly white

In mouth --> Epstein's pearls


Cutis marmorata

Skin = lacy pattern like cobblestones

Vasomotor response to cold stress

Persistent in:
- Trisomy 21
- Trisomy 18
- cutis marmorata telangiectasia congenita


Neonatal acne

Open adn closed comedones

Possibly 2/2 circulating androgenic hormones

Rarely need tx


Nevus simplex (Salmon patch)

Flat vascular lesion disappearing with time
- EXCEPTION: nuchal area may persist

Usually over eyelids, glabella, nuchal area

Can become darker when cry


Vs port wine stains = permanent and unilateral


Capillary (strawberry) hemangioma

Macular lesions --> can quickly grow

Occur anywhere

Bright red

Grows rapidly and then spontaneously regress

Tx not necessary b/c regress spontaneously


Nevus sebaceus (of Jadassohn)

Yellow-orange hairless plaques resembling flat warts on scalp

Seen in infancy

Potential to become malignant --> remove by adolescence


Cafe au lait spots

Tan or light brown flat lesions

Sharply demarcated

Occur anywhere, any shape


Pinpoint rash

Begins at head and moves down the body

Postauricular lymphadenopathy

Rose spots on palate



Rash preceded by cough, coryza, conjunctivitis, and blue-white spots on buccal mucosa

Mobilliform rash starts from head and moves down

Measles (Rubeola)

Fever stays

Will always have a prodrome


Vesicular rash beginning on trunk

Spreads to face and extremities with lesions of diff age



Macular rash appearing after many days of high fever

Usually in infants

Can have tense fontanelle if not closed

Roseola (HHV 6 = Exanthem subitum)


Slapped cheek rash on face

URI sx

Erythema infectiosum (Parvovirus B19)

Tx = supportive

Go back to school ok because once you have the rash, no longer contagious

Worry about arthritis in adults


Erythematous sandpaper like rash

Strawberry tongue

Pastia lines

Miliary sudamina


Sore throat

Scarlet fever

Scarlet fever is usually 2/2 URI

But can be 2/2 wound infections, burns, strep skin infections


Vesicular rash on palms and soles

Ulcers in oral mucosa

Hand food mouth disease



Nevus flammeus

Port wine stain

assoc w/ Sturge Weber disease


erythema chronicum migrans

lyme disease


Pale, rose-red maculopapular rash

Starts peripherally and spreads to entire body including pals and soles

Rocky mountain spotted fever


Is neonatal varicella bad?

If mom is immune, is usually mild since baby has moms antibodies

Only time varicella severe is if mom gets infection first time 5 days before birth