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what is the formula for the rate of the reaction?

amount of reactant used OR amount of product formed ÷ time


reactions can only happen when particles of reactants collide, what is this called?

the collision theory


how can we increase the rate of collisions in particles (increase the rate of reactions)

- increase temperature
- increase surface area
- increase concentration of solutions or pressure of gasses
- presence of catalysts.


how does increasing the surface area of a reactant increase the rate of reaction?

allows for more area of collisions.


what is the effect of temperature to particles?

it increases the amount of kinetic energy which means:
- particles collide more often
- particles collide with more energy.


how does increasing the pressure or concentration tease the rate of reaction?

the closer together the particles are, the more frequent collisions are.

think of it like a corridor, if they're are more people in the corridor you're more likely to bump into someone else.


why is it potentially unsafe to use transition metals in medicine?

some transition metals are toxic and could potentially contaminate the drug.


exothermic reactions heat up what?

heats up the surroundings.


endothermic do what?

take heat from the surroundings.


anhydrous copper sulfate can be used to test for what?