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What are the four things that rate of reaction depends on

- temperature
- concentration
- catalyst
- surface area


Equation for rate of reaction

Amount of product formed
ROR = ——————————


What are the three ways that the speed of reaction can be measured

- precipitation
- change in mass
- volume of gas given off


Surface area test

- HCl and marble chips
- same volume of acid, crunch up chips
- volume of gas given off method (CO2) at regular intervals


Concentration test

- magnesium metal and HCl
- change the concentration but keep the volume the same
- measure using a mass balance at regular intervals


Temperature test

- HCl and sodium thiosulfate
- using precipitate method = yellow precipitate forms
- heat each solution in a water bath to change the temperature


Catalyst test

- Decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
- use different catalysts
- measure the amount of oxygen gas produced at different intervals


What is the collision theory

Rate of reaction depends on how often and how hard reacting particles collide


Why does reaction rate slowdown as reaction progresses

There are less and less reactant particles left, so they collide less frequently and reaction rate slows down


Anagram to remember collision theory

F - frequent
R - rate of reaction
E - energy
S - successful collisions
H - harder collisions