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Why is hay in a ration?

More palatable than straw as a source of fibre so encourages higher intake of the TMR


Why is grass silage in a ration?

High in protein
High in energy so will boost the overall ME
Good palatability


Why is maize silage in a ration?

High ME


Why is alkagrain added to a ration?

Adds ammonia -> allows ruminal flora to synthesis protein -> increased RUDP (undegradable rumen protein)


Why is rape added to a ration?

Provides balanced carbohydrate, protein, fibre and minerals


Why wouldn't you want dry cows to be too fat?

Risk of metabolic acidosis, fatty liver, ketosis, dystocia, decreased immune function, risk factor for metabolic syndrome, poor fertility
Fat cows have a decreased DMI in dry period and early lactation -> increased weight loss and reduced milk yield


Why wouldn't you want dry cows to be too thin?

Require extra feeding (expensive)
Prolonged calving interval
Produce less milk


Why is straw in a ration?

High fibre source
Promotes good rumen health: scratch factor (pressure of coarse material against the rumen wall stimulates rumination)
Low ME so cow can eat a lot of it without getting fat