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What do Catholics believe about the origin of the universe?

Believe that God created ex nihilo as he is transcendent, omnipotent and omnibenevolent


What is a quotation that shows that God created the universe?

“God alone created the universe freely, directly and without any help.” CCC


What did St Augustine say in his confession?

-God is eternal. “You we’re and besides you nothing was.”
-God is transcendent
-God is Creator. “You created heaven and earth”
-God is omnipotent. “There is nothing you cannot do”
-God is omnibenevolent. “You are good and all that you make must be good”


What is the Catholic understanding of Genesis creation account?

Accept it as a myth (story that conveys a deep or complex truth) that shouldn’t be taken literally. The message reveals all of the different aspects of God
-accept Big Bang theory and evolution


What would Catholics say about the “days” in Genesis?

They would say it means a “period of time.” The psalm 90:4 says that for the Lord “a thousand years are a single day.”


What is the Evangelical/ Literal Christian understanding of Genesis creation account?

Believe it is literally true as God is omnipotent and omniscient and he is very capable. And as he is omnibenevolent, he would not mislead his people with false information
-don’t accept the notion of Big Bang theory


What would Evangelists say when questions are raised about fossil evidence?

They would say that this is seen as a test from God and a test of faith


What is the Catholic response to the Big Bang theory?

-accept it as true
-Georges Lamaitre (priest) put forward the theory
-they believe everything needed a first cause and this was God


What is the scientific approach to the Big Bang theory?

Stephen Hawking- “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.”


What did Charles Darwin suggest about evolution?

In 1859, he suggested a huge variety of creatures and species is the result of thousands of years of change and evolution
-things weren’t made by God but have evolved themselves


What do Catholics believe about Charles Darwin’s theory?

Pope Pius XII taught that there is NO conflict between his theory and the Catholic understanding of creation. The church believes there was an ‘intelligent mind’ behind creation- God


What do Catholics believe about abortion?

Direct abortion is WRONG regardless of the circumstances.
-life is holy and belongs to God so only he can end a pregnancy
-life begins at conception
-Ten Commandments say ‘thou shalt not kill’
-a foetus is a potential human life
-adoption is a better alternative as they should preserve life


What do Liberal Protestants believe about abortion?

It is WRONG, but can be PERMITTED in SOME circumstances.
-Jesus said to “love thy neighbour” and it may be the most loving act to do
-Christians have a duty to remove suffering
-life does not begin at conception but at some other later point


What do humanists believe about abortion?

It is a PERSONAL choice.
-don’t think all life is ‘sacred’
-more concerned with the quality of life rather than the right to life
-put the interests of the woman first as its her happiness that matters
-all other options should be explored first


What do Catholics believe about the nature of humans?

-humans were created in imago dei- “let us make mankind in our image”
-all human life belongs to god-“god breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became alive.”
-God have humans free will
-God have humans responsibility-stewardship-over his creation


What do Catholics believe about stewardship?

Believe they have a duty to care for and protect the environment.
-believe the Earth was a gift from God-needs to be preserved for generations
-In Genesis 1, God gives humans the power over nature and commands they ‘take care’ of it
-all life is sacred and so all life should be protected
-Parable of the talents teaches Christians to pass on “more” to the next generation


Why do humanists believe in stewardship?

-They believe in happiness so they need to support others to have fulfilling lives
-Humans are born with intelligence and it makes logical sense
-Empathy is an important Humanist principle


How is the Bible split?

Into the old Testament and the new Testament


What is the old Testament?

It contains the law, the history books, the wisdom books and the prophets


What is the new Testament?

It is based on the life of Jesus and his apostles. Contains the gospels which record Jesus’ life and teachings


What are the symbols in Michaelangelos creation of Adam painting?

-Adam is shown as a perfect man which reflects Genesis, that God made everything “very good.”
-God is powerful get ancient. Man is made in image of god
-Adam and God lie in similar positions – reinforces idea that humanity is made in the image of God
Hands of Adam and God reaching out to each other reflect the longing for a close relationship between God and man
God is carried through the app by a group of angels reflecting his transcendence


What do Catholics believe about the Bible?

“All scripture is inspired by God and can profitably be used for teaching” -Timothy
-the Holy Spirit influences the writers
-they believe that the writers were inspired by god in this task of writing bible


How do you Catholics interpret the Bible?

Needs to be read in context in which it was written-the literary style of writing and beliefs of author need to be considered


How do evangelists interpret the Bible?

Read it as a straight forward, literal description of events. They believe the writers wrote what God instructed them to write


What symbols do the tree of life Mosaic have?

-Blackcross in the centre shows Christ died to redeem sinful human beings on the wood of the cross
-Hand of God above cross-symbolic of transcendent God reaching down to earth from heaven
-green vine that winds thing mosaic-symbol of Jesus who said “I am the vine”
-Alpha and omega means first and last


What is Catholic Social Teaching?

The belief that:
-everyone is made in God’s image
-is equal
-everyone deserves care


What is the role of the SVP?

Work in LOCAL areas to help those in need.
-they help the sick
-the lonely
-the addicted
-people in prison


What is the role of CAFOD?

It is a WORLD-WIDE organisation that offers both long and short term aid.

Long term aid-teaching people skills, provide resources and build schools

Short term aid- after an emergency they give out tents, clean water, medicines and food

They also raise awareness of causes of poverty and fundraise


What do many Christians believe about evil?

Believe in the Devil who tempted Adam and Eve to disobey God in Genesis 1. This led to human suffering and suffering is a result of humans misusing their free will


What did Saint Augustine argue?

That the Bible shows that God is wholly good and he created a world perfectly good. “God saw all he had made, and it was very good.”

-he said that evil is the privation of good
-he said that evil comes from the entities which had free will, not God


What is Natural Evil?

Suffering not caused by people but by the natural world, for example; earthquakes


What is moral evil?

The suffering inflicted by people on each other, for example; murder


What would some people say about evil and suffering/ what it shows about God?

-a good God would not have designed a world with evil in it
-if God is omnipotent he would remove evil and suffering
-if God is omni-benevolent then he must want to remove suffering
-if he is omniscient he will see the suffering
{God does not exist}


How do Catholics respond to evil and suffering?

-God knows the answer but people cannot understand
-God wants us to fight against evil and follow example of Jesus
-humans abused their free will to bring sin into the world eg Adam and Eve
-this life is a test in which people prepare their souls for heaven


What is Jesus’ death often viewed as?

An atonement for sins as humans by nature are sinful. Jesus made it possible for humanity to be forgiven through the incarnation Jesus taking in the punishment for sin


What do Catholics believe about Jesus and forgiveness?

-believe Jesus is in everyone and so when we suffer, he suffers too-in the next life we shall be free from suffering


What does the catechism state that God wanted for human beings?

He wanted humanity to live in paradise with no suffering but Adam and Eve disobeyed God and had to leave paradise


What is the trinity?

Explains God has revealed his nature in three ways:
-creator-sustainer (God the Father)
-saviour who became incarnate who lived, died and rose again (God the son)
-as a source of strength which Christians find at work in their hearts (Holy Spirit)


Where is the belief in the Trinity found?

In the Nicene Creed (one of the earliest statements of Christian belief)


What did God say about his son as he was being baptised?

‘This is my son, the beloved, with whom I am well pleased.’


What does the incarnation of Jesus mean in Christian terms?

God became human by the power of the Holy Spirit, fully human and fully divine


What nature did Jesus have?

A dual nature, part man but wholly God and wholly man


What is a quote for the incarnation of Jesus?

“Became flesh and made his dwelling among us”


How is Jesus considered a source of moral authority?

-do not be angry with your brother
-don’t look at anyone lustfully
-divorce is strictly forbidden
-forgive everyone who hurts you /no revenge
-love your enemies and pray for them


What do Catholics believe about the conscience?

-it is the voice of god in their heart and soul
-this means that God, through the Holy Spirit guides a person to create the right decisions


Why should conscience be educated?

Should be guided by:
- Bible teachings such as the Ten Commandments
- the most important of Jesus
-listen to the teachings of the church which are infallibly guided by the Holy Spirit


Should we listen to our conscience?

-helps us live by high standards of doing good> can inspire others
-conscience is guided by natural law


What did St Aquinas put forward?

He put forward natural law who stated that nature has given all human beings an inner compass which always points us to good rather than evil > pre existent


What are the ‘primary precepts’ that form part of Catholic tradition?

Preserve human life
Seek truth
Worship God


Why do Catholics use statues and sculptures?

-recall a person or an event
-used as a teaching tool (when people were illiterate)
-aid to prayer


Why are sculptures commonly used?

-they are realistic (3D)
-have to be approved by local bishop to be placed in church to ensure they are moderate and express the Bible faithfully


Why are statues helpful?

-help Catholics in prayer and meditation-aid to prayer
-many have small statues in the home to remind them of their faith
-some statues may link to a pilgrimage or an important saint to the family


How do Catholics show their devotion to statues?

-light candles in its presence
-touching or kissing them (particularly crucifix)
-kneeling before them
-praying in front of them


What is Michaelangelos pieta?

Pieta means “pity” in Italian. The pieta shows the body of Jesus on Mary’s lap after his crucifixion and it is housed in St. Peter’s basilica in Vatican City


What is the symbolism in the Michelangelo’s Pieta?

-face of Jesus in this sculpture does not show signs of suffering
-artist intended to create an image that shows serene face and vision of abandonment in Jesus
-Mary’s face is peaceful and her hand is open, shows the helpless resignation that shows the intensity of her grief


How does the Pieta help Catholics?

Helps us see that God is with us in our human suffering


What is a pilgrimage?

Journeys to special places of religious significance eg Lourdes


Why is Lourdes a special place?

It is a place of healing and miracles. It is especially popular with the sick and handicapped. Allows them to feel dignity and can feel like a “person” with a sense of belonging and worth


Why do people bathe in the baths?

Pilgrims are immersed in the baths that contain water from the spring as they hope they may be healed by a miracle


What do pilgrims do during their pilgrimage? (Instructions of Mary)

-go to mass daily
-take part in the blessed sacrament
-go to baths
-go to confession
-anointing of the sick


What are the effects of the Sacrament of the sick?

-removes sins
-raising/strengthening soul
-sometimes regain bodily health


What is the popular piety?

Celebration or worship of God which teaches that “spiritual not limited solely to participation in the liturgy.”