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What is deterrence?

-the prevention of an action
-punishment is severe enough to deter person from committing again eg imprisonment


What is retribution?

-people believe a person should pay for what they have done
-gives society and victims a feeling of justice


What is rehabilitation?

-punishment can be seen as an opportunity to reform offenders
-punishments discourage criminals and this can be achieved through education/training


What does the New Testament teach about forgiveness?

-Jesus said to Peter “forgive 77 times” - no limit to forgiveness
-parable of prodigal son reflects message
-Jesus placed on earth to reform sinners eg woman caught in adultery
-forgiveness is at the heart of gospels message
-Jesus asks for his murderers to be forgiven by god> his example


Why may Catholics agree with capital punishment?

-“Life for life, an eye for an eye” Exodus
-Jesus never taught directly that it was wrong
-protection of whole society is more important than the individual
-can be seen as a form of retribution


Why may Catholics disagree with capital punishment?

-upholds the commandment “thou shalt not kill”
-Jesus preaches forgiveness and says revenge is wrong
-not within a christians nature to commit such an act
-St Augustine said to seek other punishments
-“Death penalty is no longer justifiable” Pope Francis


Why might atheists/non religious people agree/disagree?

-wrong to spend money on people in prison
-only retribution for murder is death penalty
-used to deter others in society

-premeditated murder which brutalises society
-wrong verdict&lack of evidence
-life imprisonment is a worser punishment


Why is forgiveness important to Catholics?

-“I believe in the forgiveness of sins” Apostles creed
-Resentment escalates to bitterness and hatred
-Jesus’ example, improves our relationship with God


What is the Paschal Candle?

Special candle used during Easter season
-significant symbol in the faith
-symbolises the fact Jesus’ resurrection was a triumph over his death


What are some of the symbols of the Paschal Candle?

•Cross-symbolises death and resurrection of Jesus
•5 studs (grains of incense)-symbolises wounds Jesus suffered
•Year-reminds is Jesus’ death is still giving us the chance of salvation
•Light-represents light of Christ that shines in darkness
•Alpha&Omega-shows Christ is God and eternal


How can a person evangelise?

•Locally-by going to church and living out their faith
•Nationally-listening to Bishops and the pope
•Globally-through work of CAFOD helping the poor


Why is evangelisation important to Christians?

-at the heart of the faith
-shows our commitment to gospel
-Jesus died to save our sins (he died evangelising)>least we can do
-Christ demanded evangelisation


What do Catholics believe about Heaven?

-perfect life spent with most Holy trinity and Virgin Mary
-place of love and forgiveness
-reflects belief God is omnibenevolent and transcendent
-an eternal presence will be spent in the love and nurture of god
-aim of human life> fulfil God’s commandments


Why is the Eucharist important for Catholics?

-major sacrament in Catholicism
-Catholics are sustained in their faith
-grateful for sacrifice of Jesus who enabled salvation
-brings community together as the body of Christ
-a “sacred meal”


What happens during the Eucharist?

-transubstantiation is where the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ
{physical re-enactment of Jesus’ last supper>sharing of God’s grace and gifts}


What do Catholics believe about purgatory?

-temporary period of purifying punishment so we can fully witness God’s grace and love
-‘waiting room’ until soul is cleansed through prayers
-‘final purification’ necessary
-chance to repent and be cleansed as nothing impure can enter gods presence


How do Catholics believe they can go from purgatory to Heaven?

-saying the ‘eternal rest’ so souls can ascend to heaven
-if they attend mass on All Souls’ Day that souls will be released into heaven


What do Catholics believe about Hell?

-connotations of pain & suffering should deter people from sinning
-retribution for ones sins
-a state of eternal damnation in absence of God’s presence
-parables of Lazarus&rich man prove is down to us where we end up
-when people deliberately reject God’s grace


How is the Magisterium the most important source of authority to Catholics?

-pope&bishops have most authority as they are holy men who are in direct succession of Jesus
-pope is infallible and can’t be wrong as he is speaking on behalf of God in some issues
-Catholics should accept what they say


Why might conscience have more authority?

-it is the ultimate moral authority and Catholics should follow their conscience
-a personal, considered judgement may be a better one
-God gave Adam and Eve free will before anything else
-Allows us to shun evil temptations and make more appropriate choices
-where we encounter the living God


What do Catholics believe about Euthanasia?

-upholds commandment ‘thou shalt not kill’ (premeditated murder)
-immoral sin
-all life is sacred & belongs to God > sanctity of life
-God should be involved in our deaths intimately just as he was in our births
-human life should be protected and preserved
-better alternatives eg palliative care


What do Christians believe about Euthanasia?

-“love your neighbour as yourself”
-Christian duty to remove pain & suffering > stewards of God
-should be able to die with dignity and in control
-Jesus removed suffering eg cured man with leprosy
-golden rule ‘do as you would be done by’
-compassionate, loving act sometimes