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What does the word 'responsibility' mean?

A form of trustworthiness-if you have responsibility you are trustworthy and can be counted on


Describe a responsible person

A person who can be counted on to do the right thing


What does it mean to have a conscience?

It means to feel shame and guilt when you have done something bad


What qualities do people admire in other people?

Truthfulness, love, loyalty, Courage, Fairness, Forgiveness


What are personal ideals?

Things that people want to develop for themselves


Why did Jesus send us the Holy Spirit?

He knew that we would find it hard to follow his example and lead good lives


Retell the story of Pentecost

When Jesus had gone, he sent the Holy Spirit to the apostles.
The apostles were confident in God's word and were able to speak in languages they had never learnt when they were teaching of God and Jesus


Why is the church described as the body of Christ?

It refers to the members of the Church throughout history who have accepted Jesus Christ.


What is the order of the Pentecost?

a sound of a violent wind, then tongues of fire, then they separated and came to rest on the head of each of them. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak different languages


What is a parish?

A parish is a local community of the Christian faithful under the care of a parish priest.


How many dioceses in Western Australia?

Perth,Geraldton, Bunbury, Broome


What is a diocese?

It is led by a bishop and consists of a number of parishes


When did Geraldton become a diocese?

14 August 1898.


Describe what happened in the early church.

Many more were filled with the Holy Spirit and were baptised.


Who was the first bishop in Geraldton?

William Bernard Kelly


Explain the history of the church in Western Australia.

The first Catholics in Western Australia arrived in Albany in 1826.


When did the first Catholics arrive in Western Australia?

They arrived in Albany in 1826.


Explain the history of the church in the diocese of Geraldton

Geraldton was declared a diocese on the 14 August 1898. William Bernard Kelly was its first bishop.


Define Church

universal group of all people who have trusted Christ through the ages


Who is the elder of the diocese

A bishop
The leader of Geraldton diocese is Bishop Justin Bianchini