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Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is a thirty-six-year-old ex military man who is traveling around the country he helped to keep safe for most of his life.
He travels the country by ground in anonymity, paying for his expenses in cash. It gives him a feeling of absolute freedom.
Having spent most of his childhood going from base to base, he is used to being on the move without a permanent address. As an adult, he followed in his father's footsteps, joining the military himself. He excels there, spends some time in military intelligence and is even involved in homicide investigation until peace brings layoffs to the military. His job is one that ended. Jack has collected some unusual skills to date. His military background and training taught him how to look after himself, and how to minimize danger to himself and those around him. He learned how to track people down during a stint where he traced deserters for the army, and having worked in homicide as well he is also familiar with man's inhumanity to man. All of these skills will come into play as Jack is pulled out of a restaurant he was having breakfast in, and brought in for questioning in a


Jack reacher , accuse of murder

accused of the crime to begin with, he is stunned to find out one of the homicide victimsis his brother, and finds himself explaining his rather unusual reasons for stopping in thelittle town of Margrave. Oddly, it was a letter from his brother that prompted the visit, anda story he told about a guitar player named Blind Blake who died in mysterious circumstances there. Always intrigued by mystery, Jack had stopped to see the place Blake was supposedly killed. It takes most of the weekend to prove he was miles away at the time of the murder, and by then another body has been found. He is released andthen discovers in a quirk of fate that his brother Joe was the first victim.


who are the main characters of the book ?

Jack reacher .
Chief Morrison
Officer Roscoe
Paul Hubble
Joe Reacher
Sergent Baker
Charlie Hubble
Blind Blake
Grover Teale
Walter Bartholomew
Kelvin Kelstein
Sherman Stoller
Assistant Warden Spivey
Kliner's son
Molly Beth Gordon



After twenty years with the Boston police department, Finlay looked forward to retirement, but the years of long hours and time away from home took their toll on his marriage. His wife decided she had no interest in having him home full time and with little warning, she leaves him. Stunned and deeply hurt, his life seems pointless and retirement on his own is lonely and miserable. He notices and applies for a position in the town of Margrave and is hired despite what amounts to a very poor interview. With the rank of Captain, he becomes the Chief and only employee of the Detectives Divisionof the Margrave Police Department. Finlay grows to enjoy the small town atmosphere quickly and at only forty-five, he quickly regains his forthright demeanor, and presents himself with an air of authority. He is a cautious man, and his strength of character is reflected in his decision to quit smoking the previous April when his new job began

A Harvard man originally, he is well dressed and spoken. He is tall black man, going gray where he isn't already bald and has only been working for the Margrave department for six months when Jack Reacher comes to town. Finlay was hired to replace Chief of Detectives, Gray. With a degree in criminology, he is more than qualified for the position, but his poor interview turns out to be what got him the position.The police department is run by Chief Morrison who is part of the inner circle of one of the largest counterfeiting operations ever. When Finlay was given his position, the Chieftook one look at him and decided that he would be a harmless replacement for Gray who had definitely gotten too close for his own good, forcing his elimination. Finlay is honest though, and when Jack explains himself and has his alibi checked out, he quickly realizes that something is not right. He begins by quietly investigating, unsure whom to trust and with officer Roscoe they feed information to Jack including him in wherever possible. When he involves his long time friend Picard from the FBI, Finlay makes his first mistake as unknown to him, Picard is one of the ten members of the inner circle. Unwittingly, he gives Picard the information they have, and even enables him to kidnap Roscoe as well as the people he was supposed to be keeping safe. In theend, Finlay gets the opportunity to right that mistake by helping Jack take Picard down permanently while rescuing Roscoe and the others


Chief Morrison

Chief of police in Margrave, Georgia, Morrison is an overweight and arrogant man. When Jack Reacher comes through town, he is the perfect scapegoat for murder, and Chief Morrison jumps on it. He is quick to tell Jack right from the beginning that he is guilty and will go to the chair for his complicity. Waddling to the door, he turns the investigation over to Finlay, all the while feeling strangely as though he knows Jack. His comment to that effect is one that Jack remembers later, and it gives him a clue as to Morrison's true involvement

Chief Morrison is not the only one in the department that is more criminal than criminologist. Officer Baker is also involved in the counterfeiting scheme hatched by the town's most prominent citizen and benefactor, Mr. Kliner. Together they make sure that Joe Reacher's prints come back as unidentified the first time they are run, and see to it that Jack Reacher and Paul Hubble are in the state jail facility for the weekend. One of Chief Morrison's final acts of authority included calling Assistant Warden Spivey and telling him to see to it that Hubble not get out alive on Monday. Because Spivey's men failed to complete their assignment resulting in Hubble`s release and escape into hiding,Morrison and his wife paid the ultimate price. They lost their lives to the very men they were in collusion with


Officer Roscoe

The first officer to treat Reacher with any kindness or respect, Roscoe is an attractive woman.
She is calm and methodical, and an honest member of the Margrave police department. Roscoe offers him a coffee while he waits to be transferred to the state facility and the bond between them begins. Roscoe helps Jack Reacher from the beginning. She not only aids him in clearing his own name, but works diligently towards solving his brother Joe's murder as well

Feeling the same connection as Jack does, she knows he will be released, and spends the weekend that he is in the state facility attempting to verify his alibi and free him. It is largely her work that gets him out early, and Hubble with him. Jack investigates his brother's death with her and Finlay's help. Roscoe provides him information, and even gives him a weapon to use, which turns out to be a major breakthrough in their case. The gun is one that Gray gave her to lock in her desk for him before he supposedly shothimself. In the box that held the gun, Gray had secreted a key. He had done such a good job of hiding it that Roscoe hadn't seen it. With the key, they gain access to the files that Gray collected on Kliner and his foundation, and the whole plot begins to unfold.

Roscoe unexpectedly falls in love with Jack, and their short but passionate time together is one she'll never forget. Jack is a rock of strength for her when her house is broken into and it is obvious that theintention was to kill her and Jack both, and though she is rattled, she manages to draw courage from him and continue. Later, when she believes the FBI agent Picard is taking her to guard Charlie Hubble and her children, and finds that he is in on the scheme, sheis kidnapped and forced to pack a warehouse of dollar bills into boxes for transportation.Rescued by Jack, Finlay and Hubble later, she hears the events that occurred when shewas being held, and though she says little, the reproach is evident in her eyes. Roscoe is a straight arrow, and even though her life was threatened, she would rather that Jack had found a way to arrest the four men who came for them instead of killing them.


Paul Hubble

Paul is initially brought in for questioning regarding the killing of an unidentified man near the overpass for the freeway. Paul Hubble`s telephone number had been found in the victim's shoe, and when he is questioned, he breaks down and confesses although he had nothing to do with the actual murder. Paul's part in this murder is limited to the fact that he called Joe Reacher at the Treasury Department in hopes that he could help bring Kliner down. When he is found dead, Paul panics. Thinking he would be safer in jail that out where he could be killed, he confesses, and ends up going to the state facility on the bus with Jack Reacher.

As they are only being held pending alibi confirmation, they are supposed to be put in a holding cell, but a call from Chief Morrison to Assistant Warden Spivey has them housedwith the hard-core lifers instead. Though Hubble finds himself in trouble right away, Jacksteps in and saves him. Grateful, he later takes Jack partially into his confidence, telling him about the threats they had made on his wife and kids. Paul goes home when he is released, still uncertain if his own people want him dead, but when Kliner calls and tells him to stay home because a couple of men were coming for him, Paul reads between the lines and knows he's a dead man if he stays. He leaves immediately and goes into hiding, circling Margrave and changing his aliases every night in an effort to remain hidden. Jack finds him, but only because he has so much experience finding deserters for the Army, and takes him back to Margrave. To save the lives of Finlay and Roscoe, as well as Hubble`s wife and children, Jack needs Paul's help. Paul rises to the occasion and using his immaculate Bentley as a battering ram he breaks into the stationhouse and helps Jack to rescue Finlay. Then he goes with them both to rescue his wife and kids, and Roscoe. Successful, he gratefully takes his family home.


Joe Reacher

Joe is the first victim in this story. He is introduced as such, having been shot dead, and then savagely kicked repeatedly.been working as an investigator for the Treasury Department when he was murdered. Hired by Paul Hubble, Joe was meeting with another of Hubble's contacts, Sherman Stoller, when he was killed.

He worked in military intelligencefor a while as well, and then for the Treasury department. Organized and methodical, Joe is single handedly responsible for all but eliminating counterfeiting in the United States

oncentrating his efforts now on the counterfeiting done overseas, he finds himself regularly consulting people like Walter Bartholomew and Kelvin Kelstein. Both were professors at prestigious universities, and both were considered the two biggest counterfeiters in history. As such, Joe relied on them for their wealth of information and as a sounding board for ideas and schemes he came across. Their information was often invaluable. His investigation, and a tip from Paul Hubble, takes him to Margrave where he is killed.



Picard is a friend of Finlay's. Finlay gives Jack the impression that this is a man that canbe depended on. Working out of Atlanta, Special Agent Picard is a big bear of an FBI agent. He helps Jack initially with information relating to his brother's murder investigation, ingratiating him with Jack as well. When an extra man is needed to guard Charlie Hubble and her two children, Finlay doesn't hesitate to enlist Picard's help. Picard is quick to respond, taking Charlie and her children straight to the warehouse and holding them hostage instead of protecting them. He gets updates, feigns the need for secrecy as to the house's location, and then insists he could use some help. Could Roscoe relieve him? In a moment of sheer cunning genius, Picard manages to get another person to hold hostage at the warehouse. He manages to hide his true intentions right until the very end when he returns to the station house to meet with Finlay and Jack and enters with his gun drawn. It is quickly clear that he is not on their side, even before Kliner comes in behind him.His last contribution to criminal life involves going with Jack ostensibly to find Paul Hubble, and call Kliner when they have him. Jack manages to give him the slip though, and Picard takes a gunshot at close range. Jack thinks he's dead or dying, but Picard shows up at the warehouse later to continue his efforts to kill Jack, but finally meets his end when Finlay empties his gun into Picard's back and Jack puts a bullet in his head


Charlie Hubble

She gave the impression of being well cared for, expensively groomed and well dressed. Hername is Charlene, but she prefers Charlie. She has courage and strength, and her character is immediately reflected in the behavior and manner of their two children named Ben and Lucy


Blind blake

Blind Blake was a guitar player that died sixty years ago under questionable circumstances. The information that he had been killed in Margrave came from a recordsleeve that was owned by Joe Reacher, and he told the story to his brother, Jack. It wasthe story of Blind Blake that had Jack stopping in Margrave. Blind Blake played with such grace that the barber's sister used to sing with him every chance she got. One daythey were walking down the road and Grover Teale as a young lad and his father approached. Blind Blake didn't see them coming and instead of stepping off the curb as all black folk were expected to when white folk passed by, he bowled over the young Teale. Incensed, Grover shrieked and would not be silenced until his father beat Blind Blake to death for his lapse in decorum.


Grover Teale

Mayor Grover Teale walks with a cane and runs the town of Margrave with no regard forthe law. From an old Georgia family, Grover Teale had ancestors in the railroad that owned much of Margrave in the earlier years. A statue of Caspar Teale, the first Teale tohave arrived still graced the center of town, and a Teale had been Mayor since the town's inception
seventy-five-years-old, he is pushy, loud, and as corrupt as the Chief of Police Morrison that he replaces


Sherman Stoller

The second victim to be found and identified, Sherman Stoller is killed during his first meeting with Joe Reacher. Thirty to thirty five years old, Sherman drove a truck for mostof his life


Assistant Warden spivey

Part of the conspiracy, Spivey first places Hubble and Reacher in with the long-term offenders. When an attack on them fails, and Reacher manages to keep himself and Hubble alive, Spivey 'rescues' them and takes them to the large holding cell they were supposed to be in to begin with


Kliner's son

About thirty-years-old, he has a restless energy and his father's position in the town make him bolder than he should be.
When he notices that Jack is interested in Roscoe, he takes it upon himself to try to straighten Jack out. He tells him that Roscoe is off limits and that she is his and that for five years, she has been waiting for him. He is also one of the four men sent to kill Jack at Hubble's, and is killed by Jack for his insolence.


Molly Beth Gordon

Molly Beth Gordon is about thirty-five-years-old and works for the Treasury Department as assistant to Joe Reacher. She was at first very reluctant to discuss anything Joe might have been doing, but when she heard Jack's voice she wanted to help him. She tells him she knows Joe's passwords and will investigate his files. Days later, when she comes to Margrave, she arrives with a heavy briefcase and a huge smile. She is blond and small, and vanishes almost as soon as Jack first sees her in the airport. By the timehe manages to find her, she is barely clinging to life with her guts open wide. She lives long enough to tell Jack that they have to get in before Sunday.