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What is meant by the stoichiometry of the reaction?

The ratio of each substance in the reaction.


What are the three reasons why a theoretical yield is difficult to achieve?

Reaction may not go to completion
Side reactions may have occurred
Purification of the product may lead to some loss of the product


Is the actual yield usually higher or lower than the theoretical yield?

It is lower.


How do you find the percentage yield?

Actual yield/theoretical yield X100


What is a limiting reagent?

This is a reactant that is not in excess.


What do calculations need to be based on?

The limiting reagent.


What is meant by atom economy?

This is a measure of how well atoms have been utilised.


What are two features of reactions with high economies?

Produce a large proportion of desired products and few unwanted waste products.
They are important for sustainability as they make best use of natural resources.


What does atom economy assume?

100% yield


What is atom economy solely based on?

The balanced chemical equation for a reaction.