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Rate of reaction =

Amount of reactants used / time.


What factors effect the rate of reaction (5)

- temperature
- pressure
- concentration
- surface area.
- catalysts.


How does temperature effect the rate of reaction?

The higher the temperature, the quicker the rate of reaction. As the particles move quicker making more collisions per second.


How does pressure and concentration effect the rate of reaction?

More collisions as there are more particles in a smaller space making collisions more frequent.


How does surface area effect the rate of reaction?

As there is more area where one substance can meet another substance so more collisions can take place.


What is a catalyst?

- they speed up a chemical reaction.
- they don’t get used up durning the reaction.


What is the benefit of using a catalyst?

- quickens the reaction.
- lowers the activation energy needed to start a reaction.


Bendy Mexican

Break - endothermic.
Making - exothermic.


What is the energy movement like in a endothermic reaction?

Energy is moved from the surroundings into the products.
- surroundings get colder
- products have more energy after reaction than before it.


What is the energy movement like in a exothermic reaction?

The energy moves from the reaction to the surroundings.
- surroundings get warmer,
- products have less energy than what they had before the reaction.