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Readers Duty - Toni Morrison

It is the reader duty to learn the elders language, and keep it preserved and pass it down to there young ones


Writers Duty - Toni Morrison

For the young and old to work together to understand each other. Although there are language barriers between the young and old generation it is the elders job to teach and assist in keeping their language alive


Ernest Hemingway - Writers Duty

If you can not write, do not. Find something else that you are good at and do that instead


Stephen King - Writer Duty

It is the writers duty to give the base of an image or scenario to the reader then let the readers imagination do the rest


Malcolm X - Writers Duty

Share their knowledge, opinions and ideas with the world


Malcolm X - Readers Duty

The readers duty is to know and analyze and understand every word in a writing piece


Francine Prose - Readers Duty

That the reader should analyze each individual word because each word matters and has symbols and meaning