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Keats produced some of the greatest and most enduring poems in the English language. Keats' position 'among the ______ _______' has remained secure.

English poets


What historical event is said to generally be considered to be at the same time as the Romantic period?

same time as the French Revolution 1789 ending at the beginning of Victoria's reign in 1837


During the Victorian are Keats was read for his luxuriant and sensuous language for the striking pictorial effects of such poems as ...?

"The Eve of St.Agnes"


Why was Keats' poetry secure even in the 1920/30's widespread reaction against 19th century Romantic poets?

as he was considered less absorbed than other Romantics with the political events of his time, and more concerned with the universals


What is tragic about the way Keats writes his poetry?

it is marked by an overwhelming awareness of the impermanence and despair of the human condition


Beauty is seen as the sensuous, temporal embodiment of such transient truth, some unknown reality beyond the world of...?



Keats is able to convey the most abstract of his ideas in the most concrete and vividly _______ forms.