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in part 1 of the poem, who is in amorous pursuit of a nymph who encounters Lamia, a serpent?

God Hermes


How does Lamia turn into a woman form?

when she promises God Hermes that she will restore to him the nymph for this gift


Where does Lamia meet Lycius?

in Corinth


Who is Lycius?

a young philsopher with whom she had loved


Where do Lamia and Lycius retire?

to a fairy palace which is invisible to everyone in the city, shut away from the "busy world"


In classical mythology who was Lamia?

she was a queen who was robbed of her children and seduced strangers only to devour them.


How does part 2 of the poem start?

with a blast of trumpets which pierces their secluded magical retreat, prompting Lycius to think of the world outside.


What prompts Lycius to think of the world outside his fairy palace with Lamia?

the blast of trumpets which begins part 2 of the poem and pierces their secluded magical retreat


Who does Lamia beg Lycius not to invite?

the philosopher Apollonius, his former tutor


Who is able to distinguish illusion from reality?



What does Apollonius say to Lycius at the end of the poem?

that he will not see him made a "serpents prey"


What has Lamia generated more than any other of Keats' poems?

allegorical readings


What is the purpose of the first part of the poem between the Nymph and the God Hermes to the rest of the poem?

The dream and love between Gods is portrayed as simple and easily fulfilled. Lamia is transformed into a woman and thus is subjected to then world of mortals where love is complex and impossible,


What is lamia'a nature at the beginning of the poem?

It is deceptive as a shape shifter, and associated to demons and madness


What does the foam from Lamia's mouth do?

it makes the grass wither and die


What quote is a clear suggestion that Lamia puts Lycius under a magic spell?

when he awakens by her kiss "from one trance...Into another" and is "tangled in her mesh"


Why does Lamia lose control?

as she becomes victim to Lycius's human vanity and arrogance


How does Lamia become a victim to Lycius' human vanity and arrogance?

as his overwhelmingly pathetic desire to domainte and and parade his 'prize' so that others may be "confounded and abash'd" creates an inevitable fall


What happens to Lamia near the end of the poe which the narrator considers to be a mortal woman's predictable qualities?

a weak woman "the serpent, she/was none"


What is the purpose of Apollonius?

he is a sage who's wisdom brings destruction who uses his reason to save his former pupil but instead kills him/


How does the narrator seem to reject pure reason?

he states that is it "cold philosophy"


Keats condemns the "cold philosophy" that Apollonius emodies and instead longs for what?

for the poetic imagination that the dream world brings


How can Apollonius be seen as performing the same function as the brothers in Isabella?

as they both bring the world of cold reality into the lovers' secret and intimate world


Who wanted to expose the "secret bowers" of their "sweet sin" to "common eyes"?



What is the associations to Corinth?

it is a city characterised by competition and rivalry


How is Lamia written poetically?

it is written in heroic couplets in lines of iambic pentameter


While some of the couplets form closed units, in others the sense is allowed to overrun the couplet rhyme, avoiding the sense of epigrammatic closure. What is the effect of this?

this means that the narrative proceeds briskly with a continual sense of motion and progression towards one final point


What is the tone of the narrator when he states "Love in a hut, with water and a crust"?

it is cynical


"Love __ _ ___, with water _____ __ _____"

in a hut
and a crust