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Reciprocal inhibition occurs when certain muscles are inhibited from contracting due to the activation of the muscle spindles.
The muscle spindle is located in the _____________, and since it is it's rate of change in ________ when the muscle contracts or stretches.

Within the muscle belly, length.


When the muscle contracts or stretches, muscle spindle is activated and causes a reflexive contraction in the agonist/antagonist muscle (known as the stretch reflex) and relaxation in the agonist/antagonist muscle.

Agonist, antagonist


Sensory receptors are reciprocally inhibited by GTO/muscle spindles.

Muscle spindles


What do muscle spindles do?
Monitor its rate change in length/change in tension load at muscular tendon.

Monitor its rate of change in length


Agonist muscle contracts/relaxes, antagonist muscle contracts/relaxes.

Agonist muscle contracts, antagonist muscle relaxes.


Which muscle would you contract to reciprocally inhibit gluteus maximus?

Psoas major


When triceps brachii is contracted isometrically, which muscle will be reciprocally inhibited?

Biceps brachii