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Define recruitment

the process which aims to attract suitably qualified candidates for a job from which it is possible to select a competent person


Define Selection

The application of techniques with the aim of selecting and appointing a competent person to a vacancy


What is job analysis and what does it consist of?

The method for a systematic identification of all vital features of a job so that we can set the necessary standards by which the candidate can be assessed.
Job description and person specification.


What does a person specification consist of?

- Qualifications
- experience
- training
- skills
- responsibilities
- emotional characteristic
- sensory demands


what does a job description consist of?

- Job title
- location
- summary
- reporting to
- working conditions
- job duties
- machines to be used
- hazards


what are some examples of internal recruitment?

- transfers
- promotions and upgrading
- demotion
- retrenched employees
- dependants and relatives of deceased employees


What are the advantages of internal recruitment?

- less costly
- candidates already orienteered towards organisation
- orgz has better knowledge about candidates
- enhancement of employee morale motivation
- good performance is rewarded


What are the disdvantages of internal recruitment?

- perpetuates the old method of doing things
- candidate's present role may be affected
- politics play a greater role
- morale problem for those not promoted


Name a few sources of external recruitment

- press advertisements
- educational institutes
- placement agencies/outsourcing
- employment exchanges
- labour contractors
- employee referrals
- recruitment at factory gate


what are the advantages of external recruitment?

- new skills, talent and experience to the organisation keeping it in a competitive position
- compliance with reservation policy becomes easy
- scope of internal HR problems are avoided


what are the disadvantages of external recruitment?

- better morale and motivation chance are lost
- costly- adverts, written tests and interviews
chances of creeping in false positives or negative error are false


What advice does ACAS give for advertising vacancies?

- should be genuine- exist
- person specification should be the basis for outlining job requirements
- description of organisation should be realistic, factual and clear
- realistic job preview
- job location, pay and allowances should normally be specified
- ads may not discriminate race, disability... age (except GOQs)


what are the most efficient recruitment methods?

Corporate website 50%
Recruitment consultants 40%
Commercial job boards 25%
Professional networking LinkedIn 19%
Local newspaper ads 15%


Why is effective recruitment important?

- to attract the right applicants
- trouble finding qualified applicants
- approx 2/3s of manufacturing executives faced a moderate to severe shortage of skilled labour
- Lloyd's of London risk index listed 'talent and skill shortages' as the number 2 risk facing businesses today.
- CIPD (2015) reports that over 3/4 of orgz have experienced recruitment difficulties- especially for managerial, professional and technical staff


What factors should be considered when evaluating recruitment activities?

- cost per vacancy
- speed of recruitment
- number, quality and diversity of the candidates
- number of vacancies filled
- the ratio of offers to acceptance


What are the advantages of e-recruitment?

1. 24/7 access for job applicant regardless of their location
2. providing orgzs with a large pool of applicants
3. providing significant time and cost improvements
4. reducing the hiring cycle time


what are some disadvantages of e-recruitment?

1. may attract large pool of unsuitable applicant
2. may not target passive job seekers or reach a diverse population
3. less appropriate for blue-collar and senior management jobs, or old workers
4. fear of information privacy, security and confidentiality, ethical standards