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Where is aldosterone produced ?

IT is a mineralcorticoid produced in the adrenal cortex


What stimulates aldosterone secretion ?

Plasma K+ and angiotensin will stimulate secretion. Plasma Na will inhibit secretion


Where does aldosterone work ?

Distal tubule and collecting duct where it increases Na+ absorption


How does aldosterone work ?

It stimulates synthesis of the NaKATPase on the basolateral membrane. Increasing Intracellular K+ and lowering Intracellular Na+.
-Increases open Na channels and NaCl transporters
-Increases synthesis of Krebs intermediates to make more ATP


How quickly does aldosterone work ?

Slowly because it has to transcribe and translate all of these proteins


Where is Atrial Naturietic Peptide produced ?

In the right Atrium and is released upon atrial distention


When is ANP secreted ?

In response to P(Na) increase but the direct stimulant is ECFV distention.


What are the effects of ANP ?

It will decrease plasma aldosterone, decrease tubular Na reabsorption, dialate the efferent arteriole increasing GFR and increase sodium excretion
-Inhibits Aldosterone secretion in the adrenal cortex


What are Ouabain Like factors ?

They are produced in the atrium and induce diuresis and natriuresis.


Where are prostaglandins produced and what do they do ?

Prostaglandins are produced in the kidney and cause diuresis and natriusis


In a state of volume depletion what three cascades will be activated ?

AVP- increases renal water retention despide a low osmolality

Renin cascade- Inc aldesterone and increased Na reabsorption

Norepinephrine- Inc afferent and efferent tone which will decrease GFR


What three cascades will be activated in the condition of volume expansion ?

Supression of hypovolemic hormones

Release of naturietic hormones ( ANP, Oubain like factor )

Peritubular factors