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Insurance fraud- false or deceptive claim amounts and degrees of penalty

fifth degree- amount of false claim between $1,000 and $7,500.
fourth degree- amount of claim between $7,500 and $150,000.
third degree- more than $150,000


Temporary Licenses issued can not exceed a period of ---- days

180 days of issue


In lieu of license suspension or revocation, superintendent can require an agent to:

enter into a specific consent agreement designed to rectify the violation.


For a claim, loss must be approved or denied within ____ days

21 days


The main purpose of the Ohio Insurance Guaranty Association is to

pay the claims of insolvent member insurance companies


Policy termination- notice must be mailed to insured at the last known address with at least _____ notice

- 10 days notice for non-payment of premium

-30 days notice for reason other than non-pay


Ohio FAIR Plan Underwriting Association

Basic Property, Homeowners, and some limited Farm Insurance coverage available for qualified person who have been unable to secure coverage in normal market.


In order to be eligible for Ohio FAIR Plan an insured certifies:

-the property is not vacant or severely physically deficient.

-the property is free of outstanding tax assessments.

-At least two Ohio insurers declined to write coverage, citing underwriting reasons.


Ohio Commercial Insurance Joint Underwriting Association

the non-profit unincorporated joint underwriting association established under section 3930.03 of the Revised Code


Ohio Commercial market assistance plan

the mechanism created to respond to assist commercial insurance buyers in Ohio in obtaining difficult-to-place commercial insurance coverages.


In order to be considered an act of terrorism,

the act must cause damage in excess of 5 million dollars


minimum split Auto Liability limits are:

minimum combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage

25,000 per bodily injury
50,000 per occurrence for bodily injury
25,000 per occurrence for property damage

combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage is $75,000


Uninsured/Underinsured motorist- the owner/operator of a motor vehicle that

-has no bodily injury liability bond or insurance policy covering owner's liability,
-insurer denies coverage to owner/owner is insolvent
-identity of the negligent owner or operator cannot be determined
-owner has diplomatic or other legal immunity


Before using an assumed name you must:

notify the department of insurance


Required continuing education (CE) requirements

24 hours every two years, 3 of which are Ethics.


Maximum fine the superintendent can impose on any agent for any violation?