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What factors make the pt fit for rehab?

- Must have potential for gain from rehab
- Consider premorbid state (high functioning has better outcome)
- Consider medical stability (need to be able to participate in rehab)
- Consider cognition (need to be sufficient to learn and be engaged)
- Consider discharge destination (those going to high level care anyway may not be justified in extensive rehab)
- Consider quality of life (attaining assisted/independent transfers & lifts can let family members take patient out on weekends etc)


Acute Mx of Ischaemic Stroke

- CT to exclude haemorrhage
- If definitely in 3 hour window and no CI → Thrombolyse
- If not, ASPIRIN (100-300mg daily)
- Do not lower blood pressure acutely


Acute Mx of Haemorrhagic Stroke:

- Lower blood pressure to


Acute Mx of Haemorrhagic Stroke:

- Hypertension
- Hypervolaemia
- Haemodulition – Nimodipine (Ca channel blocker, vasodilate)


RF for stroke and modifications

Risk Factor Prevention Strategy
1. Hypertension ACE-I (Aim


Complications and preventative Mx
“People develop post stroke difficulties, a special team can decrease pain.”

Pneumonia Early mobilisation, physio

DVT & PE’s TED stockings ± low dose heparin

Pressure Sores Frequent rotation in bed

Dependent Oedema Ensure limbs don’t hang off bed

Aspiration Early swallowing assessment

Spasticity Physiotherapy

Oedema & Haemorrhagic Transformation Don’t give anticoagulation acutely

Continence Ensure adequate bowel function

Deconditioning Stroke Rehabilitation (multidiscipline)

Pain Adequate analgaesias