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Catholic teaches that sex should be

Marital - with in marriage, sex is a gift from god, ulitmate commitment

unitive - brings couple closer, deepens the love, give themselves to each other

procreative - open to the possibility of children, god creates new life through sex


bible teaching for sex being marital

the sexual act outside marriage is a grave sin (ccc)


bible teaching for sex being unitive

'the two shall become one flesh' (mark 10:6-9)


bible teaching for sex being procreative

'be fruitful and increase in numbers' Genesis 1:27-28


sex before marriage catholic teaching

The gift of virginity in marriage makes both feel more speicial and loved

it trivialises the act


'God created humans in his image, male and female'

human is important to God,

men and woman are equal int he eyes of God

complementary to each other


Pope John paul II 'Theology of the Body' teachings on sex

marital sex
unite couple
shows commitment love and respect
gives the possibily of new life

extramarital sex
exploits the other person for personal pleasure
lead to seeing others as sex object
make people selfish
adultery breaks the marriage vows


what are the marriage vows

to have and to hold from this day forward

for better for worse

for richer for poorer

in sickness and in health

to love and to cherish

until death do us apart


Adultery - Catholic Views

it breaks the marriage vows - have and to hold, to love and to cherish

betrays trust

brings distress to family

causes the breakup of the marriage

Jesus + 10 commandment says adultery is wrong

contrasting: personal happiness more important, couple made a mistake by getting married


catholic teachings on homosexuality

Not a sin to have homosexuality feelings

sex is considered wrong as being not procreative


same sex marriage

legal in the UK

Catholic Church sees it as not (sacramentally) marital nor properly unitive

therefore catholic church will not marry same sex couple
(same with church of England)

God intended marriage to be between a man and a woman - adam and eve


couple can not end their marriage because

God is part of the marriage

'till death do us apart'

abusive marriage??


Annulment and acceptable reasons

catholic can receive a statement saying that their marriage was always invalid

force marriage
never intended to be procreative
marriage was not consummated
never intended to remain faithful
couldn't give consent


cohabitation definition

couple living together without making a formal commitment


why catholic church is against cohabitation

no commitment

create insecurity and reduce the need for faithfulness


catholic views on contraception. for and against

all artificial contraception is wrong

'be fruitful and multiply'

not unitive nor procreative

it is responsible to only have the number of children you can care for

sex also unites the couple


about Natural family planning (NFP)

where couple do NOT have sex whent he woman is at the most fertile time of the month

possibility of pregnancy remains - if this is what god plans


Ideal catholic family

nuclear family, father mother plus child

other are not enouraged

having both parents is more balanced

children with same sex parents may be harmed by prejudice and intolerance

contrasting views
1/4 of children have single parents
love and stability more important
growing tolerant to same sex parenting( 20000)


four main responsibility of parents

to procreate

to give child security

to educate children

to be the authority


roles and responsibility within the family

children obey parents

parent show love and kindness

parent teach child christian faith

husband love wife and is willing to die for her


bible teaching on gender equality

old testament men were seena s more superior to woman

12 apostles were men

jeusus treated women equal to man

mary magdalene announced the ressurectino to jesus' male followers

Mary mother of jesus is shown as the perfect disciple


catholic belief about genders

'each of the two sexes has equal dignity though ina different way' ccc

different but equal


woman role in church

cant be preist but,


holy communion/confirmation classes
retreat days
eucharistic minister
support charity


contrasting views on female preists

salvation army had woman since 1865

church of England allowed woman priests since 1994 and bishop since 2014