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Define unitive ( an ideal of marriage)

It is through the physical union of sex that couple closest to each other


Define Martial ( an ideal of marriage)

When 2 people love each other they usually commit themselves to each other fully and exclusively (no one else)


Define Marriage

Marriage is a union between 2 people under the eyes of God


Define Procreative ( an ideal of marriage)

The couple will accept children lovingly from God, giving new life


Define sex

Physical union between a man and a women


What is a divorce ?

The legal ending of marriage


Define a separation

When 2 people are still married but live separate from each other


What is an annulment?

When the conditions of a marriage were not met therefore the marriage is said not to exist



If you practice chastity, it means you aren’t having sex of any kind, perhaps because you’re waiting until you get married, or maybe because you are a priest


What is the ' Theology of the Body'?

13 teachings set by St Pope John 2 on the human body and relationships between the sexes


Give 2 points for and against "Divorce"?

- when in an abusive relationship (unhealthy)
- adultery, causes them to lose trust
- person changes drastically and are not who you thought they were
- "till death do us apart"
- effects the rest of the family including children (not a healthy environment)
- makes marriage look insignificant and temporary


Give 2 points for and against "annulment"?

- if valid marriage conditions are not met
- it allows people out of marriage if they make a mistake

- "marriage preparation" where couples are informed about marriage by the church (its their fault if they make a mistake)
- hard to prove and it is not practical
- impacts the children (makes them feel like their family is not real)


What are the catholic teachings on "Homosexuality"? And give contrasting views.

Catholic teachings
- this is not accepted ( or at least gay sex)because sex should be open to the possibility of new life
- the church asks homosexuals to stay "celibate"
- many people believe that homosexuals should have the same rights as "normal" couples
- church of England allows civil partnerships


What are the catholic teachings on "Sex before marriage"? And give contrasting views.

- not accepted
- sex is the final step in joining a married couple and sex before marriage makes it more insignificant

- others believe casual sex is fine as long as it doesn't cause emotional harm
- contraception has allowed this to be more acceptable/ common


What are the catholic teachings on "Adultery (in marriage)"? And give contrasting views.

- breaks marriage vows, a betrayal on the partner
- can destroy trust between the partners and brings tension/distress in the family, including children

- can be forgiven if in an unhappy marriage and it is the way to improve things or change things
- personal happiness is more important even if it can hurt someone else